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Discussion 4 - Essay Example

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It is a procedure that enables the consumers or business entrepreneurs to access their required information at any computer with internet…
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Discussion 4
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Discussion 4 Part Cloud computing is described as a process of sharing or delivering varied types of services with the help of cloud or internet. It is a procedure that enables the consumers or business entrepreneurs to access their required information at any computer with internet connection.
Other than this, cloud computing is described as a weapon designed to fulfil the requirements of the customers or the business to a considerable extent. By doing so, the entrepreneur not only enhances the productivity and profitability of the organization but also improves the loyalty and trust of its consumers. Hence, it might be stated that the introduction of cloud computing came into limelight mainly to fulfil the requirements or utilities of the individual in this advanced age. As a result of which, the process of attainment of varied essential information became extremely faster and quicker than before (Jamsa, 2011).
However, it also includes varied types of issues such as control or managing problems, performance or reliability trouble, security, cost of bandwidth, vendor lock-In, transparency, reliability and final thoughts. But among all these above mentioned issues, the most note-worthy challenges are security and performance among others (Furht & Escalante, 2010).
Part 2
After reading the paragraph and watching the video, I totally agree that, utility is the main driving force that fascinated the customers towards the concept of cloud computing or advanced technology. This is surely a revolutionary move that fuelled the utilities of the customers or business enterprises. As a result of this technological change, the business entrepreneurs may very easily cope-up with the changing requirements of the customers that might enhance the reputation and reliability of the brand to a certain extent. Not only this, cloud computing also enabled the facility of accessing various information or facts at any time from their office locations thereby reducing their work-load. Therefore, due to all these facilities, the concept of cloud computing became extremely popular and eminent in this rapidly changing market among other techniques.
In spite of various advantages, cloud computing also comprises of numerous pitfalls or issues such as control problem, performance or reliability issue, security, cost of bandwidth, vendor lock-In issue, transparency and reliability problems. However, among all these issues, the most challenging one is the trouble of security. This is because, in case the valuable data or information about the total sale of the products or facts regarding the net income or net profit margin of the association gets disclosed, then it might prove extremely problematic for it in future. Apart from this, on the basis of this information, the rival player might devise its strategies or policies so as to enhance its market value and brand image. Not only this, disclosure of all such information might hinder the competitive position and sustainability of the organization in the market among many other rival players. Similarly, the information related to banking or booking of the amount of materials gets disclosed, then it might create numerous problems for the individual. So it’s extremely essential for both the organization and the customer to offer more concentration over the concept of security.
Furht, B. & Escalante, A. (2010). Handbook of Cloud Computing. New York: Springer.
Jamsa, K. (2011). Cloud Computing: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Virtualization, Business Models, Mobile, Security and More. London: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Read More
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Discussion 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6.
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