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A Study in Ethics - What's you ethical style - Essay Example

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Several leading multinational or domestic organizations are trying to implement effective ethical leadership styles based on the situation of the workplace in order to motivate and guide entire workforce towards the developed corporate goals and business objectives. The essay…
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A Study in Ethics - Whats you ethical style
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Extract of sample "A Study in Ethics - What's you ethical style"

A study in Ethics- What’s your Ethical Style Introduction Several leading multinational or domestic organizations are trying to implement effective ethical leadership styles based on the situation of the workplace in order to motivate and guide entire workforce towards the developed corporate goals and business objectives. The essay will discuss about my ethical style.
After completing the assessment, it has been found out that I prefer ethic of care and responsibility. It can be stated that the result of the assessment will help me to implement my preferred leadership style. Now-a-days, several business organizations are trying to maintain effective workplace environment and significant collaborative workplace environment in order to ensure effective workplace performance. In addition to this, several leading organizations are trying to develop a multicultural workforce in order to ensure effective knowledge sharing within the workforce. Therefore, any kind of harsh and critical step can change the entire environment of the workplace as it can develop several types of critical workplace conflicts. However, ethics of care can help the organizations to increase the motivation level of the team members.
Leadership style of Steve Jobs can be considered as democratic leadership style. He used to implement visionary leadership trait within the workplace under the democratic leadership style in order to increase the level of creativity and motivation among the employees. He always implemented ethics of care during the strategy development and decision making process. Therefore, it is clear that ethics of care and responsibility cannot affect the leadership style of a leader. It is true that ethics of care and responsibility can be considered as the characteristics of women rather than men. Women always try to be kind and sympathetic and motivate the employees or team members to get the work done. It is highly important for a manager or a leader within an organization to implement leadership style according to the nature and demand of the workplace situation. It can help the organization to provide effective solution to the developed challenges and issues. This particular attitude or behavior or characteristic of an individual can help him or her to undertake and implement situational approach that can be termed as most right or appropriate approach in the management style (O’Brien, 2013). In addition to this, reflection of ethic of care or responsibility in the leadership style of a manager or a team leader within an organization can help to adopt and implement flexible and situation based strategies to overcome the issues (LMU, 2009). Ethic of justice cannot be effective all the time as it is important for several multinational or domestic organizations to maintain a diverse multicultural workforce. In that situation it is the responsibility of the leaders to understand the feelings and emotions of people of different cultural background.
It is clear from above discussion that the leaders or the managers need to have ethic for care and responsibility in the implemented leadership style as it can avoid the possibilities of several workplace conflicts and underperformance of entire workforce.
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O’Brien, G. (2013). The Week in Ethics: Wisdom in Action, Andrew Pochter and Martin Richard. Retrieved from: <>. Read More
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