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MGT 460: Week 5 DQ 1 - Assignment Example

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Organizational change management entails the framework or approach that is constituted to new practices of a business, culture and management structure. Resistance at some point is always characterizes any organizational change, but if an effective management is put into…
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MGT 460: Week 5 DQ 1
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Extract of sample "MGT 460: Week 5 DQ 1"

Organization change management Organizational change management entails the framework or approach that is constituted to new practices of a business, culture and management structure. Resistance at some point is always characterizes any organizational change, but if an effective management is put into practice throughout the transitions process then, it is bound to success. Considering the New York Times, a media print organization, pushed by several technological changes from simple hard copy printouts to digital electronic newspapers accessible through mobile phone and tablet processors. The New York Times has experienced stiff competition from its rivals due to digital transformation where most of the customers have adopted the use of internet in accessing journals and online copy of newspapers. This has forced the organization to adopt modern practices such as use online broadcast to remain competitive (Kotter and Cohen 2).
Based on the Kotter’s eight steps toward leading change within that organization, the management of New York Times should first introduce the sense of urgency by sensitizing the stakeholders about the effects brought by technological transformation. Sense of synergy should be created by setting up an information technology department responsible for the transformation process of printed copies to electronic copies. Besides, a change vision must be developed since this would act as a guideline to ensure that the project only concentrates on what is viable. The concept would be then delivered to the entire stakeholder so that they conceptualize the idea. If there is no rejection then, action would be then put in place starting with what can be easily tackled accomplished to complex activities such as networking all publishing departments. From this point, morale boost would be necessary and the overall project would be implemented (Kotter and Cohen 2).
Some of the desired outcomes expected from this kind of project are acceptance of change process by all members of the organization and a reduction in production cost of such as transportation costs incurred to deliver the printing materials to the publishing plant. In order to achieve these deliverables, there should be consideration of efficiency in the transformation by incorporating all the members in the transformation process. besides there should be reliability in all aspects of innovation by embracing suggestion s of the employees.
Works cited:
Kotter, John and Cohen, Dan. The heart of change: real-life stories of how people change their organizations. Boston: Harvard Business School Pub. Print. Read More
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MGT 460: Week 5 DQ 1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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