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LP7- Prin Management - Assignment Example

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This is because he used to listen to employees and finding a solution. This made employee feel valued which intern led to increase in company’s returns. Evelyn strength can be observed by her ability to maintain a…
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LP7- Prin Management
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Extract of sample "LP7- Prin Management"

LP7- PRIN MANAGEMENT Evelyn Gustafson’s leadership style, strength, weakness and influence/power
Evelyn Gustafson’s displayed democratic style of leadership. This is because he used to listen to employees and finding a solution. This made employee feel valued which intern led to increase in company’s returns. Evelyn strength can be observed by her ability to maintain a balance in stressful condition. On the contrary, her weakness is that she used to be so compassionate to her employees. This made it difficult for her to punish them. Her influence may be derived from her past experience as a casual employee. This made to understand the stress, skills and knowledge required to execute the task (Researchomatic, Para, 2).
2. Erik Rasmussen’s leadership style, strengths, weaknesses and sources of his influence/power
Erik leadership may be described as an autocratic style; her major concern was making profits and cutting down costs. Her strength is based on the application of power to obtain the desired outcomes. On the other hand, her major weakness is that he failed to value employees as important assets in the company. The sources of his influence/power were obtained by going via the education system (Researchomatic, Para.3).
3- If you were Martin Quinn, what modifications in Erik Rasmussen’s leadership style would you like him to adopt?
I would like Eric Quinn adopt participative/democratic leadership style. This is because it provides employees with an opportunity to air their grievances. In addition, it makes them feel motivated to achieve organization /goals. This will be possible because, I will establish employees training and with an environment that enhances corporation within the organization. To influence Eric Rasmussen decision of accepting my recommendation, I would communicate to him the benefits of unity and give him relevant examples and statistics of companies that had become successful as a result of adopting democratic/participative leadership style (Fasae, paras.2-7).
4- Elements that could be introduced in the customer service area that Rasmussen could use to encourage employee motivation and empower them to improve performance.
Some of the elements that could be introduced to encourage employee’s performance and improve their motivation include; providing them with additional training and skills. Additionally, employees should be allowed to participate in decision making. This will help them to fill accountable in implementing decisions that they had made and further increase their productivity (Fasae, para.5).
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(LP7- Prin Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
LP7- Prin Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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