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Proposal/ Starbucks - Term Paper Example

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For each of them, there are two article sources that give through and detailed information for onward review. On the theme of management theory, Beer, Eisenstat and Spector (2008) and Garvin (2013) write on the…
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Term Paper Proposal/ Starbucks
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Extract of sample "Proposal/ Starbucks"

School: TERM PAPER PROPOSAL – STARBUCKS Lecturer: TERM PAPER PROPOSAL – STARBUCKS Four major management practices are presented for this project. For each of them, there are two article sources that give through and detailed information for onward review. On the theme of management theory, Beer, Eisenstat and Spector (2008) and Garvin (2013) write on the relationship between management theory and the practical application of these theories within the organizational setup, noting that management theories makes it possible for to build a learning organization.
Kotter (2006) also emphasised on the theme of incorporating value driven management in the running of organisations, stressing that the essence of value chain is in the need to identifying the needs of customers and stakeholders and making these needs the starting point of the interest that the business serves. Nielsen, Nykodym and Brown (2011) specifically mentioned that value driven management starts with an awareness to follow ethical consideration for business running. In essence, value creation starts with an ambition to be ethical.
On their part, Bowers and Franklin (2012) noted that to have an understanding of the external components of an organisation, business leaders and organisational executives must be ready to step out of their usual way of running their outfits into the use of realistic data-collection approaches. This view is supported by Utterback (2004) who says that it takes the mastering of dynamics of innovation to create a means outside the within of an organisation to associate with external components of the organisation.
Finally, Jacobs (2012) writes on the theme of external environment and stress that the best way to understand the external environment of an organisation to begin with an organisational change that is ready to accommodate the external factors that drive the focus of the organisation. On his part, Miles (2010) stated that it is only when there is a dynamic balancing of the scope of the organisation and an active involvement in the external environmental determinants that an organisation can expect to behave in relation and accordance with what happens within the larger competitive market.
Beer, M., R. Eisenstat & B. Spector (2008), The critical Path to Change: Developing the Competitive Organization, Harvard Business School Press, Boston
Bowers, D. G. & J. L. Franklin (2012), Survey-Guided Development: Using Human Resources Measurement in Organizational Change, Journal of Contemporary Business 1, no. 3, pp. 43-55, School of Business Administration, University of Washington, Sealttle
Garvin, D. A. (2013), Building a Learning Organization, Harvard Business Review, Jul-Aug 1993, pp. 78-91
Jacobs, R. L. (2012), Institutionalizing organizational change through cascade training, Journal of European Industrial Training, pp. 177-182
Kotter, J. P. (2006), Leading Change, Harvard Business School Press, Boston Massachusetts
Miles, R. H. (2010), Accelerated Organizational Transformation: Balancing Scope and Involvement In: Beer M. & N. Nohria (Ed.), Breaking the code of change, Harvard Business School Press, Boston Massachusetts
Nielsen, W. R., N. Nykodym & D. J. Brown, (2011), Ethics and Organizational Change, Journal of Business Ethics, vol 29, no. 1, pp. 82-93
Utterback, J. M. (2004), Mastering the Dynamics of Innovation, Harvard Business School Press, Boston, Massachusetts Read More
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