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Marriage Gone Wrong Spills Over to WorkView in a new window - Assignment Example

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The video ‘’Marriage Gone Wrong Spills Over to WorkView in a new window’’, depicts a situation of a disgruntled employee whose problems in marriage have drastically began to interfere with her concentration in the work place. The employee asserts that her husband has…
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Marriage Gone Wrong Spills Over to WorkView in a new window
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Extract of sample "Marriage Gone Wrong Spills Over to WorkView in a new window"

Human Resource (HR) Protocol for Dealing with an Employee Facing Matrimonial Problems The video ‘’Marriage Gone Wrong Spills Over to WorkView in a new window’’, depicts a situation of a disgruntled employee whose problems in marriage have drastically began to interfere with her concentration in the work place. The employee asserts that her husband has been continually making her life extremely impossible through constant threats, including intimidation of physical confrontation at the workplace. Since the husband threatens to come to her workplace and even hurt her, the situation turns out to be also a concern of the employer. According to the US employment and labour laws, external harassment of an employee, not only possesses a security threat to him or her but to the whole company employees (Bennett-Alexander and Hartman). Thus, it is would be prudent for the company to develop human resource policies (protocols) that could be useful in handling situations like this. These policies are expected to be in compliance with the federal laws and the state laws of the particular state in concern. Some of the policies that could be applied in this particular situation include:
Speaking to the employee
As the employee in this situation had clearly put it to her supervisor, the situation in this case is personal. The simplest way to tackle this issue is for the employer to personally talk with the employee. To achieve this, a trusted member of the management team, like her supervisor, could be invited to the meeting in order for her to talk freely without feeling that her personal boundaries, as well as her constitutional rights, are being violated. Through this, the employer may be able to understand her attitude in the workplace and even officially refer her to relevant authorities who handle matrimonial issues. However, this protocol proves less effective especially given the fact that the husband’s audience in the meeting is not guaranteed.
Informing the company’s security personnel about the situation
In order to avoid unnecessary chaos in the workplace, the supervisor, having been informed of the situation, should immediately alert the security department of the company of this employee’s situation. It is usual that some employees in a company usually feel demystified in the company to the extent that they feel their personal issues may not be addressed. This could be a reason as to why the employee, in this situation, felt that her supervisor should not bother telling anyone of her problem. However, her confrontation with the husband could generate a general disturbance to the company that could lead to even the arrest of the employer on allegations of improper security provision for employees. It is also worth noting that by in informing the security department, the supervisor will be taking a risk of endangering the life of the employee, that is, after work. This could prompt the provision of security in the employee’s home before the matter is legally solved.
Deciding on a course of action
In the event that a case like this is taken to the state courts and it would most probably take longer than expected to reach a conclusion. Thus, the company may be forced to decide on the fate of the affected employee. These kinds of decision, however, must be in accordance with the company policies and the laws of the US Department of Labour. If the employee handles fundamental operations of the company, he or she may be temporarily replaced immediately, with the provision of a right to claim his or her position after the determination of the case. The right of the company to fully fire an employee, however, is dependent on the conditions stipulated by the U.S. Department of Labour and Employment. Personal issues like the one portrayed in this case are most likely to warrant a temporal exclusion from work while the situation is put under control.
Provision of accommodation
The affected employee could be, as well, assisted by providing her with accommodation facilities of the company that are set aside by the company in case of emergency issues. However, this method is dependent on the previous records and performance of the employee, and the willingness of the company to undergo such an extra expense. The employment law also advocates for the provision of security to employees, making it a right of the employee to be located in a secure environment. By the change of location of the employee, it could be very easy for her to handle her situation while secure from physical harassment and stress at work.
Work Cited
Bennett-Alexander, Dawn, and Laura, Hartman. Employment law for business. 7th ed. Boston,
Mass.: Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2011. Print. Read More
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