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The effect of Indian culture on McDonalds advertising - Research Paper Example

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There are many closely related value and social relationships which affects the consumption decisions any individual. Research has seen that the consumer behaviour of any individual is affected by national culture. There are many…
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The effect of Indian culture on McDonalds advertising
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Extract of sample "The effect of Indian culture on McDonalds advertising"

Download file to see previous pages Like McDonald’s advertisement in Hindi which was made to reach out to majority of the people seeking happiness, as Hindi is the prominent language in India. It has also named its product in Hindi like Chicken Maharaja-Mac.
In any country non-verbal communication plays a vital role in its culture. India is rich with her ceremonial greetings. Each gesture has its own language. Hence marketers need to be clear about the meanings associated with each of the symbols and signs. Like McDonald. The logo of McDonald now not just represent a hamburger restaurant, it has changed in India to represent vegetarian foods also. Since in India, the concept of beef was not allowed across many states, hence McDonald changed their strategy to introduce vegetarian restaurants in India. Also it uses a mannequin representing a joker with folded hands doing Namaste in Indian style. It represents greetings in Indian culture.
Rituals and customs are ways in which a society practices of follows their religious beliefs. These are also passed down from generation to generation. The purpose of rituals is to maintain social acceptances, social bondage, and satisfaction. Consumers are also guided by these rituals. McDonald had to change their marketing strategy to introduce items of Indian origin like Wraps Pizza McPuff, McAloo Tikki Burger, Mc Veggie, and Curry Pans to make win over the consumers.
Traditions are the rules which society follows and each religion has their unique tradition to follow. Over the years this tradition does evolve to accommodate new traditions. For a company this tradition guides the responses of consumer in response to a strategy. Indians by are vegetarian by religion. Hence McDonald understood the huge potential of making money from vegetarian outlets. Hence they also opened vegetarian outlets to adapt to Indian society.
In a country like India, which has many subcultures in it, good taste means many different things to a variety of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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