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3: Coaching Model Due Week 6 - Assignment Example

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According to Sardessai and Selvarajan (2010), the model above is based upon the belief that there are two parts which make up performance management: performance development to be used to improve organisational…
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Assignment 3: Coaching Model Due Week 6
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Management Number A Pictorial Version of a Chosen Model Legend 2. Identifying the Model Which Was Used to Developthe Model Above
The appraisal model was used to develop the proposed model above. According to Sardessai and Selvarajan (2010), the model above is based upon the belief that there are two parts which make up performance management: performance development to be used to improve organisational performance; and a performance review or appraisal which is used for reviewing performance. Again, the dual process of this model is also underscored by the fact that there has to be first, a performance review before plans are made to improve performance.
3. How Each Component of the Proposed Model Lends Itself to Optimal Employee Performance
Just as Munir, Aziz and Shaladin (2013) posit, there are several ways by which the proposed model (the appraisal model) contributes itself to optimal employee performance. For one, the appraisal model recognises and uses performance appraisal to determine an organisation’s performance in light of the firm’s quest to achieve performance target. In this light, the target model acknowledges the importance of having a predetermined performance planning. Proper performance planning will help: determine the target; avail the resources which will facilitate the achievement of the target; and know the optimal and actual performance target. All these are sacrosanct in determining whether the organisation has hit the performance target [and to what extent], or sustained a performance gap [to what extent]. All these are indispensible elements performance review. Without a preceding performance review, neither can an organisation know whether its progress is negative or positive nor can such a fiscal entity make sound or accurate plans to boost its performance.
Another strong point of the appraisal model is underscored by the fact that after performance review, an organisation can draw plans to have its performance improved or strengthened. An organisation can only harness its specific resources accurately, so as to have its synergies expended towards the attainment of a performance target. For instance, it is only after performance review has been carried out that: correctional measures such as workshop and training programmes and motivation; or competitive talents rewards systems, can be injected to an organisation’s life to seal a performance gap or stabilise or increase the volume of performance.

Munir S. Aziz A. & Shaladin M. (2013). Fairness of Performance Appraisal and Organisational Commitment. Asian Social Science, 9 (2), 121.
Sardessai, R. and Selvarajan, T. T. (2010). Appraisal of Ethical Performance: A Theoretical Model. The Journal of Applied Business Research, 26 (3), 1–8. Read More
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Assignment 3: Coaching Model Due Week 6 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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