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Breaking Down Barriers to Excellence (operations management)2 - Assignment Example

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The knowledge sharing practice can be used in the area of client relations management and operating procedures such as culture, contracting, development, and…
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Breaking Down Barriers to Excellence (operations management)2
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Extract of sample "Breaking Down Barriers to Excellence (operations management)2"

Breaking down Barriers to Excellence (operations management) 2 Breaking down Barriers to Excellence (operations management) 2 How the knowledge-sharing practices of the IT department be applied to the development of internal consulting teams
Internal consultants refer to any group or individuals who give internal service to clients through an advisory capacity. The knowledge sharing practice can be used in the area of client relations management and operating procedures such as culture, contracting, development, and staffing. This will be linked to the performance measurement system, which offers major measurements in internal process, financial, learning/innovation areas to help in ensuring a balanced results focus. The department can also provide powerful and practical consulting methods to the internal consultants (Huysman & De Wit, 2002).
How to structure management such that internal consultants would have both the incentive and backing to effectively implement change
For the consultants to effectively implement change, the organization should create a supporting environment, resources, and training, articulate a precise direction together with clear expectations, and engage its management and reinforce new behaviors. This should also include finding synergy among groups, providing them with what they need, as well as coordinating efforts to achieve given goals. According to Proctor & Doukakis, (2003), it requires a savvy technology adoption scheme that ties training, sponsorship, workflow harmonization, communication, reinforcement, and user support with the business priorities. The best management structure in this context will be the use of departmental managers, where the C-level executive will be the Chief Information Officer.
The consultancy should be a profit center for the reason that, the only true profit in an institution is realized when the external customer gives money to the organization to exchange for a good or service. If the consultancy truly needs to make profit, it will focus its efforts on making interactions as efficient and effective as possible.
The leadership structure in this organization is a horizontal one. This management structure can be related to quality management in a work place, where employees find themselves in work settings with colleagues of diverse generations with different but motivate values, work styles, and goals (Thiagarajan & Zairi, 1997). Multigenerational workplaces are a source of positive challenge, significant growth, and business opportunities if effectively managed and leveraged to meet the goals of an organization. Examples include factors such as respectful communication, sound lifestyle decisions, and functional literacy.
Huysman, M. H., & De Wit, D. (2002). Knowledge sharing in practice (Vol. 4). Kluwer Academic Pub.
Proctor, T., & Doukakis, I. (2003). Change management: the role of internal communication an employee development. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 8(4), 268-277.
Thiagarajan, T., & Zairi, M. (1997). A review of total quality management in practice: understanding the fundamentals through examples of best practice applications-Part I. The TQM Magazine, 9(4), 270-286. Read More
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