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Challenge Faced by Barton and Recommendation - Assignment Example

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The author identifies the challenges faced by Barton one of which is a decrease of her executive education budget by seventy-five percent, which was caused by a decrease in the sales by twenty-six percent and she was not able to explain the return on investment of executive education program.    …
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Challenge Faced by Barton and Recommendation
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Extract of sample "Challenge Faced by Barton and Recommendation"

Recommendation/viewpoint I agree with
I agree with Barton viewpoint that involves having an executive leadership program that would involve employees by asking them about their respective heads in terms of performance. In fact, this would lead to the increased performance given that leadership program would focus on bridging the performance gaps among the leaders.
Recommendation/viewpoint I disagree with
I disagree with the effort made by Palmer to decrease Barton’s education program budget by seventy-five percent as a way of reducing unnecessary cost. In fact, the executive program was costing the company only twelve thousand dollars, which is a relatively lower amount compared to other colleges and universities charges range from fifteen to twenty thousand dollars. On the other hand, I support her viewpoint of a leadership program, which is highly economical to a company compared to outsourcing.  Read More
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(Challenge Faced by Barton and Recommendation Assignment)
Challenge Faced by Barton and Recommendation Assignment.
“Challenge Faced by Barton and Recommendation Assignment”, n.d.
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