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Texas Instruments - leadership and commitment to TQM - Case Study Example

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In the same manner it is applicable to any kind of organization regardless of its specialty. In such cases I. T sector is no exception and it enables implementing the salient features of T.Q.M…
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Texas Instruments - leadership and commitment to TQM
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Extract of sample "Texas Instruments - leadership and commitment to TQM"

What are particular features of implementing TQM in larger company in I.T SECTOR? T.Q.M is equally suitable for both small scale and large scaled organizations. In the same manner it is applicable to any kind of organization regardless of its specialty. In such cases I. T sector is no exception and it enables implementing the salient features of T.Q.M. through this methodology, the information related functions, and other technical aspects are covered in a managerial and effective manner. It enables handling the hardware and software in a desired manner which can bring about maximum productivity. All the basic tenants of T.Q.M are applicable to the I.T sector, and it can provide better services means, improved and enhanced productivity, and mitigation of overheads, defects and recalls from the customers end. All these are possible through the concept of T.Q.M adoption and incorporation itno I.T sector.
Evaluate leadership, commitment and policy aspect in Texas instruments?
T.I adopted the commitment policy by adopting the T.Q. M model which guarantees this in an indirect manner. T.Q.M allows commitment to customers concerns and customers’ demands as well as enabling policy definition which is best suited to the needs of customers and market. This was further enhanced by adoption of the EFQM model by the incumbent company in mid 90s decade. Adoption of total quality culture was another manifestation of the company that was brought into force. Adoption of new means in form of quality control and quality mechanism, EFQM and other similar concepts made the elements of leadership, commitment and policy deriving further easy.
How might the cascading vision statement approach be applied in an organization in the public sector, such as higher education health or armed forces?
A cascaded vision approach demands a vigorous involvement and participation mechanism that would enable complete responses from the entire team. While the first step is that of taking the members on board, the next step is that of providing them with all the technical and relevant knowledge and expertise and finally the response and the impact of the process undertaken. This all can be implemented in any kind of organization especially higher education or health sector. In case of higher education sector, the policy makers along with the departmental heads and institutions should be made part of the entire process; finally the step of practical implementation would enable direct interaction. In case of health care sector, the governmental agencies, along with health care departments, can be involved in devising a cascaded vision. In each of the above mentioned cases, equal participation, transfer of knowledge and practical implementation is a must towards successful accomplishment of the cascaded vision approach.
How EFQM model changed Texas Instrument Europe and turned around its structure and operation?
EFQM model gave T.I a new life by incorporating fresh energy into their functions and operations. While the company was performing below par in prior, on adoption of this model, the company expanded itself and reached to the outer shores markets and thereby attracting more customers. The customer attraction was earned through better services and improvement in customer care. The synergetic effect incorporation in the overall organizational unit enabled enhanced working mechanism and better customer care. It further enabled overcoming the slag in form of low or no value entities and also reducing the inventory levels to a minimum desired level.
Oakland, J.S(2003). Texas Instrument Europe- Leadership and Commitment to Total Quality and Business Excellence. In J.S Oakland , TQM: Text with cases (pg 373-378). Burlington MA : Butterworth- Heinemann. Read More
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