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Current Online System of TBH Confectionery: An Examination - Case Study Example

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The purpose of this study "Current Online System of TBH Confectionery: An Examination" is to identify the benefits of TBH's implementation of an online system to supply chain management. Thus, the writer of the study will conduct a detailed analysis of the information management at THB…
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Current Online System of TBH Confectionery: An Examination
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Extract of sample "Current Online System of TBH Confectionery: An Examination"

Download file to see previous pages In THB, the company has failed to manage the information effectively to control and manage its business process. The company is using out-dated technology and is not aware of how to manage and control information streaming. According to Rockart (1979), information management plays a significant role in business or business area; if it would result in satisfaction; it would enhance greater competition in the performance within the organization.
Does Tim hold limited information on what actually a customer wants? To remain in the business and to expand its business overseas, Tim needs to realize the importance of having information related to customer behavior, competition, cultures, societies, and habits of the customer. In other words, it can be said that THB confectionery had limited knowledge about people worldwide.
Also, with the entrance of new market competitor, it was becoming harder for THB to maintain its business operations running smoothly due to lack of information and how to maintain an efficient data system. THB realized that the communities are growing over the period of time on the internet and as a result, it would get hard for the THB confectionery to maintain its market position without effectively managing the data. At this point, it became imperative for THB confectionery to expand its operations, make its internet presence more attractive, build its strong customer-base and focus more on the management of information such as what key strategies are being adopted by the competitors, what customers want, how to establish stronger internet presence and to maintain effective data management system with the help of Tims IT Department. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Current Online System of TBH Confectionery: An Examination Case Study.
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