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The Stiff Competition in the Mobile Phone Industry - Case Study Example

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In the paper “The Stiff Competition in the Mobile Phone Industry” the author focus on the competition in the mobile phone industry, which has always created a lot of dynamism and changes in this industry. For a long time, this industry was dominated by big market players…
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The Stiff Competition in the Mobile Phone Industry
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Extract of sample "The Stiff Competition in the Mobile Phone Industry"

The Stiff Competition in the Mobile Phone Industry
The stiff competition in the mobile phone industry has always created a lot of dynamism and changes in this industry. For a long time before the launch of the iPhone, this industry was dominated by big market players which collectively account for close to 60% of the total mobile phones produced across the world. Since 2005, it is seen that Nokia has led the industry in the total number of mobile phones produced always accounting for close to 25 percent of the total market. For a long time, Motorola remained in the second position after Nokia accounting for 17% of the total phone shipments in the world by 2005. However, its share reduced drastically as Samsung slowly gained a lot of the market share and stood firmly behind Nokia. Today, the largest players in the market include Nokia, Samsung, Apple, LG and RIM.
The features and functions of these phones have improved drastically in the last ten years. Most of the phones in use by 2005 were only equipped with basic functions of making receiving calls in addition to very few functions. However, stiff competition and research has greatly modified these phones over time. Many features like internet, navigation and phone size are continuously improved. In the same way, companies are very aggressive in their promotion strategies and are continuously searching for new markets. In terms of pricing, the present phone industry sees to present products for people in all walks of life. While phone prices have generally reduced over time, it is important to note that companies like Apple and Nokia produce very quality phones which are sold at slightly higher prices. Many of these additions have been realized after the launch of the iPhone (Wilkins, 45).
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Wilkins, David. Mobile market leaders. 2nd ed. Cambridge: Analysys, 2011. Print. Read More
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