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The Safety of Medication Administration - Assignment Example

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There is a paramount need for health institutions to ensure the safety of the patients in terms of being provided with accurate medications as prescribed. The Indiana State Department of Health evidently monitors the number of medication errors annually and published the report…
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The Safety of Medication Administration
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Extract of sample "The Safety of Medication Administration"

September 8, Management Memo To Mr. X, Administrator - H120 Hospital From September 8, 2016
Re : Preventing Medication Errors
There is a paramount need for health institutions to ensure the safety of the patients in terms of being provided with accurate medications as prescribed. The Indiana State Department of Health evidently monitors the number of medication errors annually and published the report through its Indiana Medical Error Reporting System. The latest report which was published on October 31, 2012 provided comprehensive information relating to medication errors that only resort to deaths or disability. It is hereby proposed that we undertake a closer evaluation of the factors that contribute to medication error and immediately address these through an implementation of an electronic ordering system and by “incorporating bar-code verification technology within an electronic medication-administration system (bar-code eMAR)” (Poon, et al. 1698).
From a review of the annual reports published by the Indiana State Department of Health, it
could be deduced that from 2009 (Indiana State Department of Health: Report for 2009), the total number of hospitals in Indiana was 147 and was increased to 149 in 2011 (Indiana State Department of Health: Report for 2011). However, the total number of medication errors increased from 89 in 2009 to 94 to 2011, or 5.62%. The increase was noted to have come from care management, which exhibited an increase from 27 errors in 2009 to 44 errors in 2011. The errors under care management were explicitly identified under: Stage 3 or 4 Pressure Ulcers acquired after admission (Indiana State Department of Health).
If the issue would not be addressed, as disclosed, “hospitals can be fined $10,000 or have their licenses revoked if they don’t report errors” (par. 5; Indiana State Department of Health).
As proposed by Poon, et al., and Preidt, to avoid medication errors that ensue from timing, or inability to immediately address appropriate dispensation and administration of medications, an electronic ordering and administration system, through bar-code verification technology should be applied in contemporary health institutions, like ours. As emphasized by Poon, et al., the “use of the bar-code eMAR substantially reduced the rate of errors in order transcription and in medication administration as well as potential adverse drug events” (1706). Likewise, Preidt averred that “’Computerized provider order entry’ systems avoid the need to rely on handwritten instructions and provide built-in checks on drug doses and potentially harmful interactions with other medicines. These features help reduce the risk of medication mistakes” (par. 3). The insitution of these technological advancements would assist in improving care management and avoiding medication errors associated to delays in dispensation and administration, as required.
The supporting sources and information that were included within the proposed discourse are explicitly itemized in the Work Cited page, below.
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