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Most Important Leadership Function - Assignment Example

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This paper "Most Important Leadership Function" tells that the practice where one establishes direction and influences others to follow that direction is what many people define leadership to be though it has many variations and many different areas of emphasis. …
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Most Important Leadership Function
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Extract of sample "Most Important Leadership Function"

This paper looks at how I manage my leadership practice as the chairman of the class discussion group as well as in singing group in the church, the barriers and strategies I use to overcome such barriers.
Last week when we came together as group members, fifteen of us, to discuss class assignments and other contentious class lessons, I found myself spearheading the discussion as I usually do, the act that saw me chosen as the group leader unanimously by all the other fourteen members. I helped in interpreting the meaning of the assignments thus making the topic understandable to everybody. I went ahead to create alignment in the objectives and strategies that we would use as we handle the discussion. As my usual practice, I went ahead to build commitment and optimism in every member making them believe that the task was such an easy one. I urged the members to trust in each other since mutual trust among the members make them work freely with others without any fear that could be brought by mistrust thus enhancing cooperation. I always urge my members that people should know us as ‘’GROUP 1’’ i.e. collective identity other than being known as individual members of the group which would make other members feel up while others feel down. As we went on with the discussion, I made sure that all activities were well organized and coordinated. To encourage and facilitate collective learning, I ensured equity participation from all the group members and thorough explanation done to weak members of the group so that they could catch up with others. I ensured necessary resources required for the discussion are availed in the form of textbooks, charts and writing materials and even organized with one of the lecturers to come and help us with certain areas where we needed more explanation. In a way to develop and empower every member, I ensured participation by all and praised them after contribution to encourage group contribution. Finally, to promote social justice and morality (Bret), I allowed some time for the members to give some personal experiences on issues related to morality and show how such experiences have enabled them to maintain their morality levels. Short plays, drama, poems, and narratives were also allowed to elaborate on social justice and morality.
Therefore my purpose as a leader is to ensure that other people’s minds about the value of partnering with others are changed to build a healthy and responsible organization where everyone is able to thrive. Read More
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(Most Important Leadership Function Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Most Important Leadership Function Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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