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PHYLEXIA - Assignment Example

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Therefore, this paper designs a flowchart of a typical daily activity that illustrates how activities are currently working, as well as how to…
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Extract of sample "PHYLEXIA"

Pylexia People perform a of action as part of their daily routine, and most of themconsume a great deal of time each and everyday. Therefore, this paper designs a flowchart of a typical daily activity that illustrates how activities are currently working, as well as how to change or enhance the process. The process in this case is getting ready to work, and the paper also identifies the factors that affect process design, as well as the metric to measure the process. In an organization, a process represents any part that transforms inputs into outputs, which are of greater value to the organization than the original inputs (Chase et al, 2006). A process flowchart helps to identify how to minimize the amount of time involved as the overall process is made efficient (Sterneckert, 2003).
The factors affecting process design include:
1. What time do I get up?
2. Do I delay on waking up? OR Do I hit the alarm’s snooze button when it rings?
3. Is the bathroom readily available when I wake up? OR it is occupied?
4. Do I take too much time in the shower? OR is the time spent in the shower necessary?
5. Do I ensure my work uniforms are in proper condition the night before? OR do I prepare or iron my work uniforms in the morning?
6. Do I spend too much time on making my hair? OR is the time spent on my hair necessary?
7. Do I find difficulties locating my make-up components and jewelry? OR are they readily available where I can conveniently and quickly pick them for use?
The factors mentioned above affect process design because they have a potential impact on the overall amount of time spent when preparing for work.
One of the metric identified for measuring the process is time. Another metric that can be used is performance metrics, which measures activities and performance (Hubbard, 2007).
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Hubbard, D. ( 2007). How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business. John Wiley & Sons.
Sterneckert, B. A. (2003). Critical Incident Management. Read More
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