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Servant Leadership: A Brief Examination of Key Problems That It Presents - Assignment Example

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The author states that whereas servant leadership has been extolled by various aspects of world religions and different organizations and entities within the business world, it does represent a few key areas of drawbacks with regards to its ability to express power to its component parts.   …
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Servant Leadership: A Brief Examination of Key Problems That It Presents
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Extract of sample "Servant Leadership: A Brief Examination of Key Problems That It Presents"

Example alone is not effective in realizing the change that the leader should seek to evoke (Zhang et al, 2012).
As such, the five determinants of effective power exemplification are enumerated upon as the use and application of the following: coercive, reward, legitimate, referent, expert, and informational. Whereas the servant leader can appropriately integrate degrees of reward, legitimate, expert, and informational, he/she is completely unable to draw upon the reservoir of power that comes from coercive and in large degree from referent power (Russell, 2012). As such, this represents a clear and measurable shortcoming in that the servant leader is not able to exercise the full extent of his/her power and leadership over the shareholders he/she integrates with (Tidball, 2012). Although such an approach has verifiable and measurable advantages with regards to its ability to win over the hearts and minds of those engaged within such a framework, it is, like many theories, unable to speak to all of the necessary determinants of leadership and power that present themselves.   Read More
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Servant Leadership: A Brief Examination of Key Problems That It Assignment.
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