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Operations in the News - Research Paper Example

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The competition is good as it develops better customer service. At times, the level of competition goes to the extreme of reducing the prices, which benefits the…
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Operations in the News
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Extract of sample "Operations in the News"

Business Operation Management Today, the business world is changing by the minute with every business firm trying to outwit the other (Ayers 1). The competition is good as it develops better customer service. At times, the level of competition goes to the extreme of reducing the prices, which benefits the consumers. The aim of every business is to provide the best quality products or services and maximize their profits. For these firms to be able to do this, they require to be well managed and its operations closely monitored (Gillette 1).
The kind of service that an individual gets depends on the social status, as well as the target audience, of the business. For example, top law firms target the rich and large co-operations. The type of service delivered is different. According to Ayers (1), if people want top class service, then they should be willing to pay dearly. Some firms insist on feedback after service delivery and even check on their customers to see how well they are moving on. This sentimental approach creates a good rapport between the consumer and the company.
Firms ensure that their products and services are delivered in time (Gillette 1). When their products are delivered in time it shows that they are reliable. It is a clear indication that they are dedicated to serving the consumers. Also, firms that offer services make sure that their employees uphold high discipline standards (Gillette 1). This is in order to ensure that their clients are treated with the respect they deserve. Good employees who display a high level of etiquette create a good working environment, and clients can recommend the services of the firm to their friends and family. This plays out as a leading strategy of marketing as people tend to believe their fellow family members and friends (Gillette 1).
Firms also try as much as possible to uphold a good track record and avoid scandals as much as possible. Scandals tarnish the name of the firm and the outcome a disaster. Not only do clients fall back, but also investors to (Miles and Bennett 1). This is merely by the fact that no individual would like to be associated with unlawful acts. So maintaining a good track record helps to keep clients.
Ways of delivering service
Firms have different competitive strategies depending on what their core business is. Though different, they relate to each other in an impeccable manner. For example, the use of social media to market products has been taken up by many firms (Miles and Bennett 1). This is because of the emerging trends in the market whereby about 60% of the consumers use social networks. The use of the social media eliminates the middle-men in business who profit from the firms. It also enhances a direct line of communication from the consumer to the firms. Firms are able to advertise their products, as well as get feedback, and tips of how to improve their products (Ayers 1).
Apart from social media, firms target a large market that is areas with a high population. They do this by focusing on areas that are heavily populated in order to reach the maximum target proximity. Areas with a high population are more likely to provide absolute profits because the target audiences have different needs and capital value (Ayers 1). This means that, in major cities, the services of a firm can be easily made conveniently pricey to suit members of a certain social class. The companies realize the potential of significant cities where both social classes are found. Huge firms settle in such areas and take advantage of the high class people who do not desire to be associated with lower class people and hence they can impose heavy charges on them (Ayers 1).
Another competitive strategy that firms use is rebranding (Miles and Bennett 1). By rebranding, they attract more consumers to take on their products. Rebranding creates a sense of hope and change, and firms capitalize on this factor to reach out and make profits. It is a sign of change and people normally embrace change in business positively, as long as no individual was laid off. By rebranding, the products and services are delivered in better because the point of rebranding is to do things better than before.
Some companies go the extra mile to provide door to door services (Miles and Bennett 1). This way the consumer can avoid the hustle of going to acquire the product. It aims at making the consumer comfortable and can focus on other things without the worry of acquiring the product.
Therefore, in every business there is a need to always be better than your competitors in every aspect. Whether it is service delivery or product manufacturing, your game has to be on another level.
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