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Unit 3 Case Mangaement Discussion - Research Paper Example

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A healthy boundary refers to a properly established limit that facilitates safe interaction between individuals, in this case, clients and service providers. These limits prevent abuse of authority, as well as, uncalled for liberties. Healthy boundaries enable individuals to…
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Unit 3 Case Mangaement Discussion
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Unit 3 Case Management Discussion Definition of a Healthy Boundary A healthy boundary refers to a properly established limit that facilitates safe interaction between individuals, in this case, clients and service providers. These limits prevent abuse of authority, as well as, uncalled for liberties. Healthy boundaries enable individuals to express themselves fully but at the same time uphold respect for others (Summers, 2011).
Why case managers should create and maintain healthy and safe boundaries for clients
Case managers need to establish healthy boundaries for clients, in order to meet their responsibility of helping them without any resentment and, at the same time, upholding integrity. Establishing healthy boundaries forms a basis for respectful yet beneficial interaction between the case manager and a client. However such boundaries should not isolate or alienate the client, instead they should seek to foster a relationship based on mutual respect (Summers, 2011).
Case Management Boundary to Protect the Client
Professional boundaries are an exemplary illustration of limits set primarily to protect clients. These boundaries place emphasis on case manager-client privilege protection, thus preventing the CM service provider from revealing confidential information about the client. Additionally, professional boundaries demarcate the extent of the relationship between a service provider and the client (Summers, 2011).
Transference Case Example
Transference may occur when a client asks the service provider to interact with him/her socially beyond the professional environment. This occurs if the case manager reminds the client of someone special in their life. For instance, a depressed widow may get attracted to a male grief counsellor, especially if the latter has distinctive features reminding her of her late husband (Summers, 2011).
Dealing with transference CM issues
A case manager of utmost competence must learn to accept transference when it occurs. This is because transference is neither good nor bad, since it is inevitable in CM relationships. Acceptance, however, does not imply that a case manager should submit to the client’s negative or positive feelings. Instead, a CM manager should strive to maintain professional boundaries (Summers, 2011).
Summers, N. (2011). Fundamentals of Case Management Practice: Skills for the Human Services. Belmont, California: Brooks Cole Read More
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