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The Role, Skills and Competencies of the UK Line Managers - Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Role, Skills and Competencies of the UK Line Managers" discusses that the current approaches of HR management significantly represent that the roles and functions of the UK line managers in the respective managerial area have been apparently transforming over the past few years. …
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The Role, Skills and Competencies of the UK Line Managers
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Extract of sample "The Role, Skills and Competencies of the UK Line Managers"

Download file to see previous pages In the current day context, owing to the rapidly increasing competition among global organisations, it has often been argued that the HRD model possesses major role towards empowering employees and developing their capabilities by keeping them motivated and satisfied with regard to their ambitions along with their potentials. It is in this context that the HRD model can also be defined as an effective approach of empowering workforce by nurturing the contributory capabilities possessed by the employees which further leads towards the complete development of their intellectual skills and thereby enables them to contribute largely in the growth of organisational productivity (United Nations, 2012).
With reference to the case examples from the UK industries, it can be affirmed that frontline managers possess a major influence on the daily activities performed by the ground-level employees within an organisation. Contextually, based on the observation of 50,000 employees across the world, the ‘Corporate Leadership Council’ has revealed that the line managers belong to the segment of professionals who act as the most significant driver of improving employee performances and their engagement in the overall organisational progress. The study has further empirically proved that the efficient performance of the line managers has potential significance to improve employee engagement by 52%, develop employee performance by 25% as well as increase employee retention by 40% (James-Sommer, 2008).
Recent studies have often depicted that line managers of an organisation tend to perform the key initiatives towards organisational developments which are further identified to be related with the execution and ratification of Human Resource (HR) principles and practices. From the perspective of the UK, it can be observed that a wide variation exists among various organisations in terms of involving line managers in the HRD practices.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Role, Skills and Competencies of the UK Line Managers Research Paper - 1)
The Role, Skills and Competencies of the UK Line Managers Research Paper - 1.
“The Role, Skills and Competencies of the UK Line Managers Research Paper - 1”, n.d.
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