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Levels of Leadership: How to Develop Leadership Presence, Knowhow and Skill - Essay Example

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The author of the paper states that in the report obtained from the survey on his leadership skills, the author learned that his strength lies in socialization, boldness, integrity as well as his humility. This was clearly indicated by the high ratings from the survey respondents. …
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Levels of Leadership: How to Develop Leadership Presence, Knowhow and Skill
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Extract of sample "Levels of Leadership: How to Develop Leadership Presence, Knowhow and Skill"

Of big concern is my low score in the question of critical thinking. This was clearly indicated by the below-average rating in the final report of the survey. Also, most students recommended that this is a field that I should improve on. Critical thinking is an important trait in leadership that helps one to make informed decisions and hence be able to come up with clear and workable solutions for any problem (Scouller, 2011). According to comments from the survey, this character is shown in my poor approach to social problems. As a student aspiring to be a leader, this weakness portrays me to the people as a poor problem tackler. This gives a negative attitude to the people towards my leadership strategies. Thus, it is significant to solve this problem at an early stage.
For this reason, I plan to assimilate various techniques to curb this weakness. One of the measures that I plan to undertake is getting involved in more debate sessions in the school. This will help me to improve on my defensive skills, as I try to reason out through stated problems. Another approach is to read more materials on the topics of proper leadership. This will help me to find out tactics of making informed decisions in times of critical problems. Finally, I will be more interactive in my fellow students’ problems so as to try and apply whatever I learn. This will help alleviate the attitude that these students have on me. This way, I believe that in four months’ time, I can manage to sharpen my decision-making skills(Scouller, 2011).
In this transformation process, I will involve my discussion group members to oversee my implementation process. I will request them to advise me once in a week and give me a critical evaluation of my behavior. Having one of these group members being a leader in the student council, I believe he will be in a good position to correct my actions. In this process, my major challenge will be finding a way to instill this learned skill into my day to day behavior within such a short period. This is because acquired traits need a lot of time to fix (Scouller, 2011). All in all, I believe that these strategies will work out successfully. Read More
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(Levels of Leadership: How to Develop Leadership Presence, Knowhow and Essay)
Levels of Leadership: How to Develop Leadership Presence, Knowhow and Essay.
“Levels of Leadership: How to Develop Leadership Presence, Knowhow and Essay”, n.d.
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