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Pfizer - Case Study Example

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With respect to the internal analysis that this brief write up will seek to answer, the fact of e matter is that Lipitor, an anti-cholesterol drug, accounted for 40% of all of Pfizer’s profits for the given years prior to the case study. As the drug as soon to go off patent,…
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Pfizer Case study
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Extract of sample "Pfizer"

Section/# With respect to the internal analysis that this brief write up will seek to answer, the fact of e matter is that Lipitor, an anti-cholesterol drug, accounted for 40% of all of Pfizer’s profits for the given years prior to the case study. As the drug as soon to go off patent, the revenue source was soon set to expire. Therefore, the ultimate strengths of the company were a robust research and development sector as well as a level of financial reserves due to the fact that Lipitor had been such a runaway success. With respect to the greatest weakness, the fact of the matter is that the level of investment to return that it takes to bring a drug such as Lipitor to the market is massive. In this way, without a lineup of potential breakthroughs in the pipes, the level to which the firm can continue to rely on cash cows that are soon to go off patent is severely constrained.
As yet another example of the focus that the firm had on the development and introduction of runaway successes such as Lipitor, the firm had positioned itself as primarily a research and development organization that was hopefully able to introduce profitable drugs into the market on a regular basis as a means of ensuring that the profitability and cash flow of the company stayed intact. However, this positioning strategy was out of sync with market demands due to the fact that the rapidly evolving nature of other competitors meant that lower cost research and development was being performed by a host of competitors; thereby greatly reducing the profit margin and potential profit margins that such a runaway discovery such as Lipitor could yield. As a way to formulate strategy, the firm sought to integrate OTC markets and generic branding to its repertoire; however, the main money supply for the firm was still tasked towards developing new drug lines. This of course did not support the strategic vision that leadership espoused. Though the strategic vision was sound, the lack of funding meant that it was not fully able to respond to the markets and the completive environment in which it hoped to compete. Read More
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Pfizer Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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