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Tom's Shoes Link to Society - Essay Example

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It commenced in the year 2006 by Mycoskie Blake, a capitalist from Texas. The company name was derived from the word tomorrow, meaning the…
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Toms Shoes Link to Society
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Extract of sample "Tom's Shoes Link to Society"

Toms Shoes Link to Society Toms Shoes is a profit organization that is all over the world whose objective is to sell shoes to help the needy people in society. It commenced in the year 2006 by Mycoskie Blake, a capitalist from Texas. The company name was derived from the word tomorrow, meaning the shoes were to be tomorrow’s project that was to save many children who were suffering in society due to lack of shoes. The company manufactures shoes that are of Argentine alpargata design and are worn by most people worldwide.
Blake decided to start a company that manufactures shoes after he visited Argentina and saw children barefooted, dirty and whose health condition has deteriorated due to wounds in their feet. He was hurt by this condition and felt the need to do good and help those children he saw in the streets. He promised himself that he was to do anything possible to help these children hence Blake and his team decided to take a financial risk and started shoes manufacturing company. He decided that, for every pair of shoes purchased, a pair is donated to the needy child in the society (Schermerhorn 148).
Furthermore, children not only in Argentina, but also across the world that many live under poverty life and cannot even afford even the basic needs. These children walk barefoot hence get infected by soil diseases, which go through their bare foot. Most children are likely to get sores, cuts and other injuries that later become serious wounds increasing the infections of diseases to their bodies. In order to avoid these shoes play an essential role in preventing children and even adults in poor rural areas from getting infected from these diseases. On the other hand, children from poor families do not go to school due to lack of shoes, which is part of school dress code. Meaning these children will not go to school to get the education that will help them better their future. Therefore, TOMS has promoted education since many children who never went to school because they lacked shoes now can go to school and there is a reduction in the high spread of soil diseases that infect the poor in society.
The company dispersed ten thousand pairs of shoes to needy children in Argentina in the year 2006. It has also distributed shoes to needy children in over 40 countries across the world among them Rwanda, USA, Argentina, South Africa, Rwanda, Haiti among many other developing countries. As a result, the organization has attracted many donors and has received grants and funds from them. This made the company expand its business and started manufacturing eyewear. TOMS Company, therefore, is focused on helping these children living under poverty (London and Morfopoulos 56).
In conclusion, as a charitable organization the profits earned from the purchase of these shoes and eyewear is partly used to save and restore the eyesight of people who live under poverty lives and mostly in the developing countries, for these reasons, TOMS has been referred to a one for one business.
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Tom'S Shoes Link to Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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