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Organizations going through Change - Research Paper Example

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Organizational change is a vital factor in the company’s operations. To enhance its competitiveness in the industry, the corporation has to exhibit high creativity and…
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Organizations going through Change
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Extract of sample "Organizations going through Change"

Organizations Going Through Change Affiliation: Question Intel is a world leading corporation that primarily deals with the manufacture of semiconductor chips. Organizational change is a vital factor in the company’s operations. To enhance its competitiveness in the industry, the corporation has to exhibit high creativity and innovativeness. These two factors constitute the company’s internal pressures that drive the need for change. Intel’s enterprise architecture has to be dynamic and consistent with the current technological needs, thus the pressure to have an organizational change that is driven creativity and innovativeness. These aspects are presented in Intel Corporation (2011) and Jones, Watson, Gardner, & Gallois (2010).
Question #2
In Intel Corporation (2011), the rationale for change is informed by the need to match Intel’s enterprise architecture with the current market demand for semiconductor chips. On the other hand, Jones, Watson, Gardner, & Gallois (2010) address change in the light of communication challenges in the21st century. The role of Intel in enhancing the welfare of the communication industry is highlighted. The commonality between the two publications is that they both evaluate the sources and impacts of organizational change. However, while one is based on the internal operations of the corporation, the other focuses on the entire industry.
Question #3
Organizational change for Intel is influenced by technology, operation processes, and architecture subject to the desired level of creativity and innovativeness (Ilozor, Peter, & Graham, 2012). In this respect, Intel uses diverse rationales for internal change, while the industry rationale for change is communication-based. Therefore, the use of single or multiple rationales in assessing the need for change depends on the specific operations undertaken by the company.
Ilozor, B., Peter, L. & Graham, T. (2012). The impact of work settings on organizational performance measures in built facilities. Facilities, 20. 1/2: 61-67.
Intel Corporation. (2011). IT@Intel White Paper: Developing a Standard Enterprise Architecture Practice. IT Investment Management, 0511/IPKA/KC/PDF.
Jones, E., Watson, B., Gardner, J. & Gallois, C. (2010). Organizational communication: Challenges for the new century. Journal of Communication, 54(4), 722-750. Read More
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