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Strategic Approach to Human Resources - Assignment Example

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The following paper highlights that strategic approach to human resources means to develop a framework of strategies for managing the human resources in a firm and envision the long term goals and strategies of the organization accordingly keeping in view the human resources of the firm. …
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Strategic Approach to Human Resources
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Extract of sample "Strategic Approach to Human Resources"

Download file to see previous pages HR audits are conducted to ensure that the human resources are performing well and the audit identifies the strengths of the workforce and also the areas that require improvements. HR audits can be conducted twice or thrice in a year to ensure that things are working as per requirements and goals and objectives are being attained successfully.
The structural changes in the organization may affect the labor market sector, the economy upturns and downturns may cause the labor to make decisions regarding changing jobs and demanding more pays from their respective organizations. The HRM needs to carefully consider the needs of their employees and accordingly address the needs of their employees; policies and benefits package of the employees may require a revision.
The strategic human resource plan needs to be developed keeping in view the external environment as well as the internal environment of the organization. The policies, rules, and regulation are formed keeping in view the legal environment of the country where the business is operating; the technology is used to ensure that the firm remains competitive. The decisions taken by the human resources department are impacted by the outside forces to a very large extent.
The strategic choices that managers should make regarding Equal Employment Opportunities are that they need to ensure there is no biasness in their policies, the compensation, and benefits packages should be on fair grounds amongst the workforce. The working conditions should be proper for the workforce and there should be no gender biases as well.
Managers should conduct a job analysis to ensure that they recruit and select the right employees for their respective job so that the roles and duties of the job are fulfilled according to requirements. The purpose of job analysis is to have a systematic selection procedure of hiring employees for the job. Yes, it is really worth it, as this allows talented and skilled employees to perform job roles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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