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Management Efficiency Impact on Performance within CocaCola - Dissertation Example

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The objective of the project "Management Efficiency Impact on Performance within CocaCola" is to find the existing link between management and performance of a multinational company - Coca Cola and to provide a rationale for management strategies leading to enhancing performance in the companies…
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Management Efficiency Impact on Performance within CocaCola
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Extract of sample "Management Efficiency Impact on Performance within CocaCola"

Download file to see previous pages Coca Cola has been awarded severally for its management and market status the world over. The company has employed different management theories in different countries of operation to suit the market and human resource requirements. Betsy Morris a CNN-Money correspondent reported in her feature on Coca Cola management noted that the company’s management style directly impacted on delivery and profits. The early 2000s saw the company slur but the recent years of good management have seen it rise again. The theories of change management have seen the company record all time high profits in the last two years.
Research Strategy and Methodology
The evaluation process will use two instruments, the interview and the survey, to collect information on the intended Coca Cola project. The interview will be carried out on the top management of the company to gauge the management style. The process should run in a scheduled time frame of fourteen (14) weeks.
The interview method provides detailed information and can develop relationships among participants. The limitations of this method are that it takes large amounts of time, can be costly and participants may feel uncomfortable. It is also hard to get time with the top brass management for the interview. The interviews should therefore be conducted face to face, over the phone or internet video calls and through emails.
The second activity is to design surveys to be filled in anonymously by the low and midlevel workers of the company in different states. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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