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Project 4 - Essay Example

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We need information to in our careers, families, and even for the whole country to improve economically as it can compare itself with others. Investors, therefore,…
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Project 4
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Extract of sample "Project 4"

Video reflection Roger Mc e: Six ways to save the Internet from http e_six_ways_to_save_the_internet.html
We all believe that the Internet is a tool that everyone needs to embrace in order to survive in the present world. We need information to in our careers, families, and even for the whole country to improve economically as it can compare itself with others. Investors, therefore, need this information to examine the trend of their business and venture into more profitable markets. Professionals within the stock market need a wide range of information in order to capture and influence people into joining the stock market. Modern technologically advanced sectors and companies such as Apple with respect to Smartphone is that they will control the Internet market. However, the issue is that advancements are no longer taking its course. We experience change in lifestyles but the entire people do is to be loyal to certain products and companies.
As per the video, competition is currently the mode of every entrepreneur of which the adoption and application of technology influence their market penetration. This indicates that without technological change and adaptation to modern practices business may not gain more. Nonetheless, we may see some other aspects influencing the business environment. These aspects include culture and intense use of social media for advertisement and entertainment that can be used to build successful enterprises. Therefore, as per the video we need to embrace technological innovations and creativity for the future is going to be different. Competition also ensures continuity as each company tries to outwit the other in the market. These in turn is advantageous to clients as they will get quality and connect to the world easily through the Internet (Whittaker & Mike 187).
All your devices can be hacked from
The video is based on a number of technological advancements. With a number of current technological innovations, the video keeps us updated on the extent of our vulnerability brought in by such technological advancements. Although we may benefit from all these advances there are serious risks accompanying them. For instance, a simple car has a lot of connections and computer operated systems that work together to boost its efficiency but when one system fails all there is a fatal accident. Thus, Internet attackers are also everywhere are connected or related in one way of the other. Some attackers work very fast to get information and use them within the shortest time possible to lower their rate of being noticed or detected (Whittaker & Mike 211).
In our modern days, we all use mobile phones, but the danger is that attackers use other software to get hold of our passwords and use them for their interest elsewhere. Radios on the other hand, have also been victims of attackers. Radio calls used by security personnel can also be intercepted by attackers and all the information passed may be diverted and used by wrong individuals. Nonetheless, I see these various forms of attack as not practical in our society. This is because in most cases, people tend to keep their password of private details far from strange reach. For one to hack once information on the mobile phone they must be close people we often interact with and share our details. Exposure to the Internet is the most common approach that people are hacked easily since by joining social network sites, we sign in with all our information. The fear is that such information is not safe once they are in the cloud and anyone can have access to them easily. This video should thus concentrate more on online hacking rather that all the devices we use being hacked (Whittaker & Mike 240).
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Whittaker, James A. and Mike Andrews. How to Break Web Software: Functional and Security Testing of Web Applications and Web Services. Addison-Wesley Professional. 2006. Print. Read More
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(Project 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Project 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Project 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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