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Chapter 13 Factual Review Questions # 1, 3, 5, and 9 - Assignment Example

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There is no escape from this at all. It is created by the employees and colleagues. Everyone who is a part of the company indirectly or directly contributes to this. Everyone has problems within the organization regardless of…
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Chapter 13 Factual Review Questions # 1, 3, 5, and 9
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Extract of sample "Chapter 13 Factual Review Questions # 1, 3, 5, and 9"

Chapter 13 Factual Review Questions TEC 360 Total Quality Management ABC 27-11 Chapter 13 Factual Review Questions Q Define Internal Politics.
Internal politics has been a part of an organization. There is no escape from this at all. It is created by the employees and colleagues. Everyone who is a part of the company indirectly or directly contributes to this. Everyone has problems within the organization regardless of the size and when you start talking behind their backs, you create Internal Politics. However, the more a person immerses himself or herself in internal politics the more he or she wavers from the work. The productivity decreases immensely. This is the reason why managers and heads have to get a handle on the internal politics before it is too late (Goetsch & Davis, 2000). The company, at large suffers from this and so does the worker. This situation is not beneficial for the company.
Q3. Give an example of internal politics in action in an organization.
People start Internal Politics for their personal gain. The motive can be promotion, ego, insecurity, ambition, power or even acceptance. The need to be promoted is always the prime reason for creating the internal politics. For example: there is an opening for a new managerial position and there are two candidates. Now, Candidate A is well known to be the optimum manager and Candidate B knows it. So he will start spreading rumors about the A candidate and it will reach the ears of the boss. In contrast, candidate A will spread some rumors about candidate B and makes sure that it reaches the ears of the Boss. In short both of these candidates will try to uproot the other to get the best job. They cannot be loyal to the organization as well because they will prefer their personal interest always. It can be risky for the growth of organization.
Q.5 Describe the impact internal politics can have on the implementation of total quality.
The total quality is always affected by the internal politics. First of all, the productivity of the company is strongly decreased. The employees spend more time on politics than on their own work. The morale of the employees is always down. The backbiting, rumors and buck passing are the biggest hurdles in the success of companies. The competitive energy of the company is low. There are always many conflicts among different groups of people and this makes the situation very difficult. The loss of total quality will mean that the customer satisfaction level will be lower than usual and the company will bear several heavy losses. And the company will also lose it’s focus from the important factors that really matter.
Q.9 When should conflict be encouraged in an organization?
Internal Politics is bad but this does mean that it cannot be used for the benefit of the company. If a company sits idle for too long then it will soon die. A good company will always encourage conflict when the workers are arguing with the boss at important matters. If the employees only tell the bosses what they want to hear, then there will not come any new suggestion or better alternative. In case whenever the workers are too afraid to speak the truth, the company may face negative results. So, the conflicts must be constructive. Nobody has a right to spread disorder or any kind of misconception within the organization. A conflict will be preferred if it is launched to enhance the sales volume.


Goetsch, D. L., & Davis, S.B. (2009) Organizational Excellence: Introduction to Total Quality (6th ed.). New Jersey, NJ: Prentice Hall Read More
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Chapter 13 Factual Review Questions # 1, 3, 5, and 9 Assignment.
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