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Is it possible to manage peoples values and emotions - Essay Example

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In this essay, I shall be explaining with the help of references and logical reasoning as to why management of a person’s behaviour, emotions and values is possible. Moreover, I would also be explaining ways in which such modification and modulation is possible with the help…
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Is it possible to manage peoples values and emotions
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Extract of sample "Is it possible to manage peoples values and emotions"

Download file to see previous pages I shall be moving ahead after defining emotions in words of Dess (2010), values and finally the management of these features using the work of Totterwell (2012). In the next section, there would be a description of certain ways in which emotions can be controlled, modified in a workplace and in other environments as well while at the same time creating a distinction between suppression of an emotion its modification (Ostell, Baverstock, Wright 2012). There would be present some explanation of the how Paarlberg and Perry (2007) classify the management of values under the social context along with Willmott’s (1993) study bringing to light the setbacks faced by people over time due to mismanaged emotions in work settings. In the third section of this essay, I shall be elucidating the positive implications of management of emotions and values with reference to the works of Karp, Tanarugsachock (2000) and Shipman, Zeeman, Penza, and Champion (2000) stressing upon the fact that emotion management has long been used in treating patients of mental disorders like anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder etc.
Emotions are defined as a conscious experience that includes a state of (physiological) arousal and a mediating interpretation (Dess 2010). Keeping in mind this definition, emotion puts emphasis on two factors, arousal and an attempt on part of the experiencing person or animal to label the experience (Dess 2010). Values on the other hand refer to the beliefs of a set of people or a community regarding the ideas of good and bad, just and unjust, righteous and evil. They are the shared beliefs of a culture which guide a person’s manner in which he expresses his emotions in a situation and his attitude towards it. Emotions and values form an integral part of one’s life, both on individual level and at the level of community. Modulating one’s behavior is important in everyday dealings. Raw or untamed emotions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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