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The Cultural Change of a Public Library - Essay Example

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This paper "The Cultural Change of a Public Library" aims at shedding light on a public library and how it can progress in line with organization culture and change. The paper targets the management of the public library. The public library is facing challenges and needs to embrace change. …
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The Cultural Change of a Public Library
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Extract of sample "The Cultural Change of a Public Library"

Download file to see previous pages This paper analyses the need for change in the public library and highlights the future of the library. Currently, the organization faces challenges in technological and service delivery. There are hitches in communication with users. Furthermore, a majority of employees are about to retire. Additionally, poor management seems to be a concern from the previous management. There are several elements that denote the culture present in an organization. According to Daft (2007), beliefs, values, assumptions, language, rituals, physical structures, and stories are the elements of organizational culture. These elements speak volumes about what an organization deems relevant as it runs its daily activities (Stueart, & Moran, 2007). Beliefs and values indicate what an organization guides its activities along. Furthermore, assumptions indicate what an organization takes to be critical in relation to its existence. Language, rituals, stories and physical structures refer to the artefacts of organizational culture. This means that there are routines and activities that denote an organization. Artefacts highlight the ability to attain the goals and objectives of an organization (Stueart, & Moran, 2007).
In the context of the public library, in question, there are several elements that are clear. The elements are clear in the team and employee aspects of the organization. Additionally, the library seems to have been relying on an ageing workforce. This is an element of organizational culture that indicates the beliefs and values in relation to the workforce. However, the element of language comes out properly in relation to communication. The public library faces issues with meeting and communicating with user groups. The dwindling levels of communication indicate an issue with the culture of the organization at the moment.
Additionally, the public library has issues relating to its physical structures. Physical structures denote the general outlook of an organization and the impact on performance.  
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The Cultural Change of a Public Library Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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