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Managing Human Resources through Strategic Partnerships - Essay Example

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The paper 'Managing Human Resources through Strategic Partnerships' is focused on the role of the HR department in the new employees in an organization. The human resource department is responsible for the soft landing of new employees in an organization…
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Managing Human Resources through Strategic Partnerships
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Extract of sample "Managing Human Resources through Strategic Partnerships"

The HR department, therefore, provides an opportunity for a new employee to operate with the best personnel that are capable of delivering the best services to the organization. HR department oversees several undertaking including the welfare of the new staff, planning for work schedules, providing of working equipment, compensation, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training (Jackson & Schuler, 2003).
Realistic Job Preview for a Librarian a. The library will be required to work in a dynamic and demanding environment with both digital and manual systems.
b. The person will be the overall officer in the procurement of all equipment and materials that are used in the library. In all procurements, the librarian will ensure value for money in all acquisitions.
c. The suitable person will provide any necessary user education and user awareness training programs to the new library clients and the staff of the organization.
d. The suitable person in this position will advise the organization on the new systems in library management, acquire through competitive procurement from the vendor, install the system in the library, train clients on how to use the new system, and maintain the system.
e. The person will also ensure the safety and security of the library resources both digital and manual by formulating policies to curb incidences of theft, mutilation, fire, water, or even dust. Read More
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Managing Human Resources through Strategic Partnerships Essay.
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