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Blow the Whistle - Case Study Example

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This is a case study illustrating a situation at a workplace that has cause upheavals among employees of Manly Construction Company, due to a harmful substance called asbestos that had been used during the construction of impregnated wallboard and insulation of overhead pipes…
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Blow the Whistle
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Extract of sample "Blow the Whistle"

Download file to see previous pages ii. The employee of Manly Construction Company should be aware that their life is more important than the job opportunity they have. Therefore, they should make hast quit if their health/welfare related grievances cannot be addressed by the company.ii. The employee of Manly Construction Company should be aware that their life is more important than the job opportunity they have. Therefore, they should make hast quit if their health/welfare related grievances cannot be addressed by the company.iii. Even if not disturbed, the cyclic circulation of air is able to blow up certain fibers into the air and still be breathed in by the surrounding individuals.iv. The President is an escapist when he does a memo instructing people not to disturb (move) any boxes or perform any activities that could damage the asbestos or release fibers into the air yet there was still impacts felt. 
The wrongs are misleading pieces of information relayed to the people. In this case: i. Employees of Manly Construction Company are threatened with losing their job positions by the management should any information about the existence of this hazardous asbestos be released to the public for any mater. The employees should be offered with suitable work environments for effectiveness.Besides, no threats should be issued to any employees who are seeking his or her rights within the work area.This is considered unethical because it is a command that kills. All those who shall have reported as stipulated in the memo, though their workplaces are proved dangerous, will be risking contracting cancer of the lungs.
Conflict is a state of disharmony that may be between incompatible or opposing persons, ideas, or interests in a particular issue or topic.Blow the whistle case study revealed a number of conflicting issues that had little or no practicality in them. Among the ideologies, instructions, words and statements identified as contradicting in the concept of ethical expectations include: i. While the President’s memo denotes the risks of disturbing any boxes by moving or performing any activities that could damage the asbestos or release fibers into the air,  the county gives Manly Construction Company up to a period of seventeen days to clean up the fallen asbestos fibers in the vaults. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Blow the Whistle Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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