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Answe qustions in ethics policy adminstration - Essay Example

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As a middle man, my responsibilities to the politicians and the law is mainly focused on ensuring that the politicians work within the law and to report any violation vis-à-vis misuse of public fund or trust, exploitation of public goodwill for one’s vested interests and…
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Answe qustions in ethics policy adminstration
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Extract of sample "Answe qustions in ethics policy adminstration"

Answer As a middle man, my responsibilities to the politicians and the law is mainly focused on ensuring that the politicians work within the law and to report any violation vis-à-vis misuse of public fund or trust, exploitation of public goodwill for one’s vested interests and using public office for private gain. My duty towards law is to report public fraud or misconduct of any sort to the appropriate authority so that they can be brought under the purview of law.
Answer 2
My responsibilities to my superiors are to follow their orders within the wider precincts of law and defined parameters of the official rules and regulations. I am also required to ensure that they are informed of all the correct procedures and about any misappropriation of official duties My responsibilities to my subordinates includes dissemination of information regarding work paradigm, ethical considerations, rules and regulations and expected outcome. They are expected to follow the defined processes and ensure that work is finished within the deadline.
Answer 3
I have huge responsibilities to the public who help to pay our salaries. My responsibilities are to ensure public disclosure of our financial accounts and promote transparency in our work so that public knows how the work is accomplished in different areas of public interests. Most importantly, public is entitled to be aware of its own duties and therefore it is also important to create awareness amongst the people as to how they can become more active proactive participants in developmental works and socially relevant issues. (words: 256) Read More
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