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Fundamentals of Strategic Planning in Complex Organizations - Essay Example

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The idea is to make health care services more efficient and affordable, thereby meeting healthcare needs of all stakeholders in the health sector…
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Fundamentals of Strategic Planning in Complex Organizations
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Extract of sample "Fundamentals of Strategic Planning in Complex Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages One of the strategic trends observed in the health care environment is the persistent bid to make healthcare services more affordable, and subsequently enhance universal coverage. This trend is consistent with the social, economic, and political goal of improving the social welfare of the disadvantaged population. Another strategic trend relates to increased number of public and private health care operators. The motive is to implement strategic plans that make it possible for health care organizations to take their services closer to the people. Over and above this, regulation of health care organizations, health care financiers, and all other relevant parties involved by the government constitute a critical strategic trend in health care markets (Harrison, 2010). This move is valid in the sense that the end-user or the consumer remains protected from exploitation as the health care environment grows and expands.
While health care organizations have been quick to identify emerging opportunities in the health sector, most of them do not utilize their full potential. In other words, operational inefficiency has not been fully accounted for. Health care organizations need to focus on short term and long term strategic plans as they evaluate their performance from time to time. This would help them align their operations in such a way that allows for change, without necessarily increasing operational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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