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The Impact of e-Commerce Technology on the Air Travel Industry - Essay Example

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The paper 'The Impact of e-Commerce Technology on the Air Travel Industry' presents companies within the air travel business such as Southwest Airlines and United Airlines which have in the recent past increasingly adopted and implemented information technology…
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The Impact of e-Commerce Technology on the Air Travel Industry
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Extract of sample "The Impact of e-Commerce Technology on the Air Travel Industry"

Customer relationship management has also been facilitated through technology. The use of technology has allowed Airlines to enable their customers to make inquiries about travel arrangements into which immediate feedback is given via their customer care function. Additionally, communication with travel agents has been facilitated through technology which in return has allowed Airlines to effectively meet the needs and preferences of their customers as one of the objectives of strategic management (Gasson 1).
More importantly, the application of technology has allowed companies within the travel and tourism sector to effectively monitor travel. This involves the use of travel tracking systems for Airlines. As a result of this, travel companies which employ these services are more reliable and secure to travel with their flights. Therefore, technology is argued to be a strategic plan that the travel companies have employed to attract and retain customers and in this regard make these companies more competitive within the travel business (Lewis, Janjaap and Alexander 24).
Strategic management within air travel business involves marketing of travel services to current and new markets. Technology has been used as one of the enablers of marketing and promotion for airlines. This is achieved through the use of websites by air travel companies to communicate their business strategy, services, safety and reliability to their clients. In addition, the association of airlines with accommodation and hotel industry as presented within travel websites has made the travel companies more appealing (Gasson 1). Read More
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(The Impact of E-Commerce Technology on the Air Travel Industry Essay)
The Impact of E-Commerce Technology on the Air Travel Industry Essay.
“The Impact of E-Commerce Technology on the Air Travel Industry Essay”, n.d.
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