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How are staff recruitment practices affecting Al Rayyan bank's performance - Research Paper Example

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In this study, the same area would be on consideration to see how organizations find recruitment practices significant for their…
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How are staff recruitment practices affecting Al Rayyan banks performance
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Extract of sample "How are staff recruitment practices affecting Al Rayyan bank's performance"

Download file to see previous pages In this way, the bank’s recruitment process can negatively be perceived, as of its failure in promoting diversity, equality and fairness. This problem could negatively affect the bank’s image in the market but also its performance since employees who are not appropriately skilled could not respond to the needs of their position. Employers use different selection methods to recruit and select appropriate people for the organization, because it is not possible to extract maximum output from the employees if they are not hired according to the right selection process. Positivistic paradigm will be adapted for the research that supports quantitative research approach. The present research will apply regression analysis to evaluate questionnaire. Moreover, Cronbach Alpha will be used for testing validity and reliability of the responses, which will be collected from the employees of the bank. For evaluating interview with HR manager, Thematic Analysis will be used by the research for making the result more authentic. The sample size of the questionnaire will be 50, and it will be based on simple random sampling. On the other hand, the HR manager of Masraf Al Rayan bank will be interviewed to find out the relationship of recruitment and selection process with performance of the bank.
The establishment of effective recruitment policies is often considered as a key criterion for the success of organizations in the global market. In highly competitive industries, such as the bank industry, banks tend to use recruitment processes, which have been successfully used by competitors. Still, there are banks that prefer to keep their recruitment process simple, probably believing that the ability of each employee to respond to the needs of his position can be only proved in practice, i.e. after exposing the employee to daily organizational problems.
It has been seen from past empirical studies that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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