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Ethics of a Business Decision - Essay Example

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In the essay “Ethics of a Business Decision,” the author discusses the issue in the Nestle Infant Milk Formula case, which is the choice of marketing technique adopted by the company in order to increase their sales in several African countries…
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Ethics of a Business Decision
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Extract of sample "Ethics of a Business Decision"

The three questions that are important in examining the Ethics of a Business Decision in the Nestle Infant Milk formula care are How did this situation occur in the first place?
2. What is your intention in making this decision?
3. Could you disclose without qualm your decision or action to your boss, your CEO, the board of directors, your family, society as a whole?
The 3 questions in detail
How did this situation occur in the first place?
The mothers who were from an economically weaker section diluted the free milk samples provided in order to avoid buying the powder. In addition, these people also used unsterile water to mix the milk. While these were the problems with the free samples sold, the advertisements shown by the company showed white women feeding the formula feed to their infants. This gave the impression that modern mothers only bottle-feed their babies and when the free samples were given to mothers immediately after the delivery they were more inclined to bottle-feed their infants. All these lead to reduced breast-feeding, malnutrition in the infants and also increased the mortality rate.
What is your intention in making this decision?
I believe that the marketing technique followed by the company was in no way illegal and that moral code of ethics was followed in the business of marketing their infant milk formula. In the present case, I argue that the company was in no way morally inclined to change its marketing strategy. As a producer of infant foods, the advertisements and sale of free sachets of milk powder were well within the ethical standards. Instead of blaming the company it would have been appropriate if more awareness was created on the importance of breastfeeding and the circumstances under which formula milk could be introduced to the infant. Such awareness is definitely required in developing countries such as Africa. Merely targeting the company would not solve the issue as it would not be of much help in preventing mothers from feeding formula milk to their infants as a substitute for breast milk.
Could you disclose without qualm your decision or action to your boss, your CEO, the board of directors, your family, society as a whole?
Having a frank and open-minded discussion would always help to arrive at an early conclusion. In the case of the Nestle Infant Milk Formula case, my decision would comply with the marketing strategies adopted by the company as it is lawful and has followed a moral code of ethics. An open discussion about the possible methods that could be adopted, in order to prevent misuse of the formula milk food, with the management will help maintain the sales of the product and would also provide satisfaction that the product is utilized in the right manner. Read More
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(Ethics of a Business Decision Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 592 words, n.d.)
Ethics of a Business Decision Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 592 words. Retrieved from
(Ethics of a Business Decision Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 592 Words)
Ethics of a Business Decision Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 592 Words.
“Ethics of a Business Decision Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 592 Words”, n.d.
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