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High Profile Organizations Including the Police Force, Mining Industry, Building Industry - Essay Example

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The reporter states that in the tough and competitive economy, high profile organizations including the police force, mining industry, building industry and other organizations find means through which they can manage their organizations effectively. …
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High Profile Organizations Including the Police Force, Mining Industry, Building Industry
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Extract of sample "High Profile Organizations Including the Police Force, Mining Industry, Building Industry"

Download file to see previous pages According to Schein (2010), organizational culture is one the factors that can affect better organization performance; hence, organizations should change their cultural behaviors in case they want to achieve better performance. Many companies are aware of increasing responsibilities to both employees and the society; thus, they have considered management issues as effective means for achieving their stated objectives. Therefore, organizations employ CSR model, stakeholder engagement strategy, social accountability concepts among others as effective means for monitoring social demands and managing their social response mechanisms.
Organizations monitor social demands and manage social response mechanism through various ways. The CRS model is one of the mechanisms organizations employ in order to manage social response mechanism. CSR is a sustainable response model used in many organizations for monitoring an ensuring that the organizations actively comply with the required ethical standards, regulation and international norms. It is a self-regulating mechanism that embraces the responsibilities for the organization’ actions and encourages a positive response from stakeholders, employees and consumers (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2003). Social responsibility is one of the significant themes that organizations give considerable attention. This is through employing various models such as the CSR model for monitoring the responsibilities. The growing attention to organization ethics fits well in the evolution of thinking on the quality services offered to customers. Many companies have employed the CSR as a model for creating positive social change in organizations. For instance, the police force employs CSR through integrating corporate governance and other organization theories into various actors, which are driven by moral motives. The aim is to improve the quality of services and enable customers to achieve effective satisfaction.
Organization design effective grievances mechanism and dispute resolution methods through incorporating CSR strategy as one of the organizational management systems.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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