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Research question and case study - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Thus the failure to effectively supply the right merchandise at the right time happens to affect the sales, revenue and productivity of the retail incorporations. The…
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Research question and case study
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Extract of sample "Research question and case study"

Download file to see previous pages This loss of demand for the products traded in by the retail company happens to render large amounts of impact on the productivity and revenue patterns of the concern. Thus the retail companies to sustain their enhanced market share and profitability in the global market must strongly work to reduce the amount of lead times involved. Retail companies that mainly focus on the trading of fashionable garments and merchandises along with toys and technological products generally tend to suffer from the pitfalls of an ineffective supply chain system. Increasing lead times in the supply chain systems of such retail concerns leads to the unavailability of the right merchandise at the right season or time thereby contributing to loss of sales. It is therefore required for the retail organizations to arrange for the merchandises specifically during the peak seasons to meet customer satisfaction and thereby gain in sale revenues. Again the increase in the lead times for such retail companies also amounts to piling up of unused or unsold merchandises in retail warehouses that in turn locks a considerable amount of working capital for the concern (Bakal and Geunes, 2010, p.2395-2396). The paper relating to the above fact tends to focus on cases where the retail business organizations have taken resort to technological and process innovations to help in reducing the amount of lead time involved.
Fashion retail companies like Zara belonging to the Inditex group are found to take resort to process innovations in its retail operations to contribute in the reduction of lead times. The retail company is observed to suffer from the loss of sales owing to the emergence of assorted sizes pertaining to garments in their different stores. In that the fashion retail company required the store managers of different operating stores to render individual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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