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Development of A HRM Strategic Plan - Assignment Example

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It also plays a major role in the operational strategy of the organization. HRD sometimes directly impacts in the performance of the organization by making…
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Development of A HRM Strategic Plan
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Extract of sample "Development of A HRM Strategic Plan"

Download file to see previous pages The basic functions of HRD are attracting best candidates, reducing employee turnover, and to enhance the productivity of the employees (Taylor, 2005, p.1). It is a critical factor that contributes highly towards gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
One of the most important aspects of an HRM strategy is to determine the type of candidate required in the organization carry out organizational tasks. Also organizations arrange various kinds of programs for the purpose of satisfying their employees, and the responsibility for arranging it also falls in the shoulders of the human resource department. HRM strategy also plays a crucial role in the overall organizational culture. Furthermore training and development is also one of the most important functions of the Human resource department.
In the context of the project a property management company has been chosen where the new HR strategy will be developed. The HR strategy will focus on the different aspects of managing the human resource of the organization. It will also emphasize on the recruitment strategies of some other organizations in order to formulate a competitive strategy.
In order formulate a sound HRM strategy of the organization and to add more value to it, the HRM strategy of 3 other companies have been analyzed. However the names of the companies have not been disclosed due to some privacy policies. In order to get insights about the strategies of the chosen companies an interview session was held. The sample questions that were asked to the HR managers of those companies are follows:-
Regarding leave policy there are a small differences among the chosen companies. Company A allows 28 leaves in a calendar year, company B allows 25 leaves while Company C allows 30 leaves in a calendar year. Also these companies allow special leave on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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