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What are the Future Trends and Challenges in Health Care QI - Assignment Example

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This assignment "What are the Future Trends and Challenges in Health Care QI?" discusses technology the QI exercise where data collected is recorded and analyzed immediately hence immediate results. The future trend in health care is that of using social media to conduct the QI process…
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What are the Future Trends and Challenges in Health Care QI
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Extract of sample "What are the Future Trends and Challenges in Health Care QI"

 There are however also challenges and especially concerning the use of technology and social media. One of the greatest challenges is that of confidentiality which should be a priority where QI in health care is involved. There is also the risk of the systems being hacked and sensitive health care information falling into the wrong hands.

The other challenge is that with new changes in the QI of the health care sector, there are required resources in terms of technicians qualified to handle these changes and also monetary resources to install the new systems and to advertise or even collect information over the social media. More time will, therefore, be necessary for the above to be completed and this may affect the current QI process in place (Sollecito and Johnson, 2011). Read More
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(What Are the Future Trends and Challenges in Health Care QI Assignment - 2)
What Are the Future Trends and Challenges in Health Care QI Assignment - 2.
“What Are the Future Trends and Challenges in Health Care QI Assignment - 2”, n.d.
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