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A Request for an Exemption to the Companys Policy - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This essay discusses a request for an exemption to the company’s policy. The essay analyses the policy company hotel about the situation more than three guests at once in the room”, plays a large role on the company’s success and if altered, it would affect the core objectives of the company…
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A Request for an Exemption to the Companys Policy
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Extract of sample "A Request for an Exemption to the Companys Policy"

 A Request for an Exemption to the Company’s Policy
The main aim of writing this letter is to inform you that the company regrets to turn down your request to be exempted from policy number thirteen of the company. The policy, which states that “a hotel room shall not accommodate more than three guests at once especially when they intend to hold a party inside the room”, plays a large role on the company’s success and if altered, it would affect the core objectives of the company.
We wish to bring to your attention that we understand your request, but as a company, it is our policy to treat all our customers equally without acting unfairly or being biased to some. The board also wishes to inform of you of the critical reasons that made it to reach the decision. These include:
It is the policy of the company that no parties shall be held in the hotel rooms. As a hotel we receive many guests each period and it is our duty to create a serene and calm environment for them so as to ensure that there is absolute comfort and satisfaction. Thus, it would not be fair if the management allowed you to hold a party inside the rooms at the expense of our guests’ tranquility.
Allowing more than three individuals per room would also mean more noise, difficulty of control for the management, and biasness. The hotel rooms are also specifically designed to hold not more than three individuals at a time, because more than that would lead to congestion and pressure on the hotel facilities. You might want to ask how congestion comes about since it would only be the four of you. But consider a situation where each guest room occupies more than three guests, there would be an over population in the hotel, leading to less satisfaction obtained by all our guests.
Lack of satisfaction and comfort of the guests will have grave effects on the hotel as a whole since our guests are our core business. In addition, as mentioned earlier, as a hotel, we must ensure fairness to our guests. Thus, once we allow you to hold a party inside the guest rooms, denying other guests the same request in future would not be possible since it would imply biasness and unfairness. This would definitely tarnish the Companies image leading to a fall in the number of our customers and our sales as a whole.
We hope that you understand our concern for both the company and for you which led to the above decision. We also hope that you accept our apologies as a company. The board also thanks you for your request and appreciates the fact that you did not take the law in your own hands but you took your time to request for the exemption. Thank you for taking your time to read the letter too. Read More
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(A Request for an Exemption to the Companys Policy Admission/Application Essay)
A Request for an Exemption to the Companys Policy Admission/Application Essay.
“A Request for an Exemption to the Companys Policy Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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