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Analysis of The Five Minds of a Manager Article - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The author critically reviews such articles as “The five minds of a manager” by Gosling, G., and Mintzberg, "Mentor don’t just manage, your next round of leaders” by Shenkman, and "Shoes that walk giant into a trap: How managerial mindset can turn success into failure, Strategic Direction" study. …
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Analysis of The Five Minds of a Manager Article
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Extract of sample "Analysis of The Five Minds of a Manager Article"

Download file to see previous pages What is critical about this article is the assumption that the authors have actually attempted to generalize the different organizing principles applied by the managers. Though authors have focused upon managing self, organization, context, relationships, and change within an organization however, for a manager to master all the traits at one time could be a difficult task. As authors suggested that the managers must have to bring all mindsets to work together it is therefore relatively difficult for the managers to assume all the roles and perform them at their best. Managers may have to make a trade-off between certain mindsets as their actions must be based upon what is exactly in the best interest of the organization by taking into account the cost-benefit analysis of their decisions and actions. Authors argue that all five mindsets must be weaved together to achieve the balance however this balancing act may not be possible to achieve.
This article discussed the mindset required to actually mentor the employees and help them to grow. The author has actually outlined that in order to properly groom the successors, organizations actually let the time pass on and fail to actually groom the employees and successors. The approach taken by the managers may not be suitable enough to actually allow successors to develop more maturity to assume the positions of responsibility in the future.
The author, therefore, has argued that to properly mentor the employees for the next level in their career, it is important that mentors must assume a special mindset which can foster such mentoring within the organization. This mindset requires a slow, subtle and forgiving mindset which can actually allow managers to accommodate the mistakes of the followers and actually help them to correct their mistakes.    
This article is limited in the sense that it presents just one side of the argument and provides ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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