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Operations Management in Kristens Cooki Company - Assignment Example

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Tre reporter describes the situations when with two roommates on the job, and with their duties already fixed, a rush order for one dozen cookies will take 26 minutes, for two dozen cookies will take 35 minutes, and for three dozen cookies will take 44 minutes…
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Operations Management in Kristens Cooki Company
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Extract of sample "Operations Management in Kristens Cooki Company"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, one batch of cookies takes 26 minutes.
If the order has been placed for 2 dozen (2 batches) of cookies, it will take an additional 9 minutes. This is because while the first batch is baking, the first student would spoon the prepared mix into a second tray, ready to bake. With thermostat and timer already in place, the second batch will require 9 minutes to bake + 5 minutes to cool + 2 minutes to pack in a box. Payment for two dozen cookies will be accepted in the same1 minute as an order for only one dozen cookies (already accounted for). However, the time taken for the two batches overlap. Hence, to make a total of two batches, for the second batch, 2 minutes out of 9 minutes of baking time will be left after the 1st batch is packed and ready. Thus 2 minutes baking time + 5 minutes cooling + 2 minutes packing takes an additional 9 minutes after the first batch is packed and ready. Therefore, the total time required to fill a rush order for 2 dozen cookies would be 35 minutes.
To fill an order for three dozen cookies, the tray in which the mix is spooned in to make 12 cookies, will be ready to bake while the second batch is getting baked. Once the second batch is taken out of the oven, the third batch will be placed inside for baking. It will take only 9 minutes for baking because of timer and thermostat already set. Thus 9 minutes baking time + 5 minutes cooling time + 2 minutes packing time takes a total of 16 minutes. Payment time of 1 minute is already accounted for. However, the time taken for the three batches overlap. Hence, to make a total of three batches, for the third batch, 2 minutes of baking time will be left out of the 9 minutes for baking, after the 2nd batch is packed and ready. Thus 2 minutes baking time + 5 minutes cooling + 2 minutes packing takes an additional 9 minutes after the second batch is packed and ready. Thus, 44 minutes total will be required to fill an order for 3 dozen cookies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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