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Complaint by On-site Corporate Customers - Assignment Example

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The author of the assignment "Complaint by On-site Corporate Customers" states: As you requested, Ms. Elizabeth Downing, I gathered all the facts surrounding the low standards of the service offered at the on-location food centers. The paper presents Food to the stars Memorandum…
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Complaint by On-site Corporate Customers
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Extract of sample "Complaint by On-site Corporate Customers"

Food to the stars

As you requested, Ms. Elizabeth Downing, I gathered all the facts surrounding the low standards of the service offered at the on-location food centers. From the performance records reviewed, the services of Food to the Stars had been running smoothly and registering full customer satisfaction until recently, when these corporate clients started airing their concerns and complaints regarding the services offered by the company. From a one-on-one consultation with the on-site managers, the issues resulting into the reducing standards of service may have resulted from the ineffective training of the managers. From the surveys administered to the customers, the weaknesses in services include cleanliness, where customers said that the on-site centers were not clean. The food served at the on-site centers was often poor, and the services offered by the service attendants were not up to standard. The limitation of the study was that the managers did not offer any explanation into why the services delivered were not up to standard, although they reported plans of holding a staff meeting to look into the issue. From the reports, there is also the need to inquire into other problem areas, through a meeting with the employees, to review performance areas.

Complaint by On-site Corporate Customers

After realizing the complaints from the company’s customers, my office carried out a survey study to gather facts on the areas of inefficiencies and poor service. Towards realizing this, surveys reached 450 customers from the different movie production company operation centers. The survey saw an 89% return rate, thereby offering a representative picture of the issue. From the information collected, the problem areas identified covered cleanliness, the food supplied, and the services offered to the clients.

In the area of cleanliness, 96% of the customers gave feedback that the on-site food service centers were not administered in a clean manner. The complaint areas include that silverware were commonly found with crusted food, food debris had dried on the tables, and the floors had litter. Also, it was reported that glasses had dirt spots, and that the customer service personnel often wore dirty aprons. Other concern areas under cleanliness were that service personnel did not wear plastic gloves, and that flies were buzzing around the service counter – which showed that the area was generally dirty.

In the area of food supply, 85% of the customers offered the information that the quality of the food supplied was in many cases poor. Complaints include that fried foods tasted greasy, comma meat foods, often tasted burned, comma and milk products tasted spoilt. In addition, vegetables were too salty or foods had too much pepper. For breakfast, the doughnuts were stale, and coffee was burned and stale.

In the area of customer service, 82% of the customers reported that the services administered were poor, because they found food not ready on time during lunch breaks, the workers acted in an unfriendly manner, and buffet pans were not refilled in a quick manner. The tables at the service center were often not clean, condiment bottles were often empty, coffee pots were often empty, and customer napkin holders were empty in many cases.

Interview with On-Site Manager

After receiving the disturbing facts about the company, I consulted three managers at the on-site locations, and the information collected partly accounts for the low standards of service. The three on-site managers consulted gave the information they had been working at the company for only three weeks – thus they are new to the food service of Food to the Stars. However, they said that they held previous experience working at restaurants. They had also been promoted to managerial positions after serving as assistant managers at the company – after the previous managers received transfers to other assignment areas. This implies that these managers were not experienced in managerial role-playing, at a large food service company like Food to the Stars. The managers said service center refrigerators had malfunctioned as a result of the high temperatures at the on-site. Regarding poor service, the three managers did not give any explanation as to why the centers served poor quality food, though they reported that they intended to hold staff meetings, aimed at reviewing the expectation of employees.

In summary, the weaknesses affecting the standards of service delivered at the on-location centers fell under the areas of cleanliness, where the service center was not clean; food, where the quality of food supplied was poor; and customer service, which was below standard. From the survey of the managers, it was indicative that training was inadequate for the managers who had not served previously as full-fledged managers; additional concerns were equipment malfunctions and worker inefficiency issues. In general, the situation indicates role capacity deficiencies.

I look forward to discussing the matter further with you. In the case of any concerns or queries, please feel free to reach me anytime at the email address: Read More
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