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Organizational Personnel Policy Critique - Essay Example

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In any business entity that is there in existence it is of paramount importance to have a way through which the employees in the firm can be effectively managed and at the same time there has to be the devising of a way that the employees can relate with each other well and at…
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Organizational Personnel Policy Critique
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Extract of sample "Organizational Personnel Policy Critique"

Organization Personnel Policy Critique In any business entity that is there in existence it is of paramount importance to have a way through which the employees in the firm can be effectively managed and at the same time there has to be the devising of a way that the employees can relate with each other well and at the same time relate with the management of the organization without the fear which in most cases is brought about due to the different positions that the individuals hold.
In most cases it is seen that in the event the roles that people play in the firm are not defined then there are always chances that there may be conflict of interest. In this case a person from one department will opt to undertake the duty that is supposed to be undertaken by a person of another department.
In most organizations that are there the Human Resource Department will never miss. At the same time there is the project Management Department. Between these two there ought to be a relationship of some sort and there should be no conflicts especially when it comes to the work that is to be done. Even though the HR department will be the one having control over the workforce that is there, the PM department is the one charged with the responsibility of overseeing the workings that are undertaken by the individuals in the HR department. For this reason it is somewhat more influential in comparison to the HR department.
However, there are other instances when the PM department will have little or no say on the issues that are affecting the firm. One such instance is when the workers of the firm down their tools or get involved in a go-slow. Even though the PM department supervises the projects that are to be undertaken, it is the HR department that will head out and try solve the issue at hand. Another issue in which the PM department has no say is when the working conditions of the employees are deplorable or not conducive. In this case also it will be the duty of the HR department to try once again and address the matter. What these examples show is that even though the PM department may have some influence in the firm, the HR department still has a lot of control in the sense that it is the department that is handling the workforce that is associated with the firm.
The PM, however, can have some influence over the undertakings of the HR department. For example, it is the PM that will give instructions and directives on the way a particular task or project is to be undertaken. At the same time it is the PM department that will hold the employees of the firm accountable for whatever job is being carried out.
It is indeed true that the HR department is seen to be the core department in a business entity. One of the reasons why this is so is because it is seen to be the department that controls the most important factor in the business and this is the human workforce. However, there are other departments which do not often come to the limelight but are often felt in the background. One such department is the PM. If the HR department were to work alone then not all the objectives of a firm would be realized and this is where the PM department comes in. its task is to manage the employees on the different tasks that they are given in the firm.
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Organizational Personnel Policy Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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