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Human Resource Management Employee Selection Processes - Research Paper Example

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Reliability in employee selection refers to trustworthy, predictability, or dependability of the activities engaged in finding the right persons for the right jobs. Any method…
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Human Resource Management Employee Selection Processes
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Management Employee Selection Processes"

Human Resource Management "Employee Selection Processes" Explain what makes a selection method effective and discuss the concepts of: a). Reliability, b). Validity, c). Utility, and d). Legality in your response.
For the selection process to be effective there must be reliability, validity, utility and legality. Reliability in employee selection refers to trustworthy, predictability, or dependability of the activities engaged in finding the right persons for the right jobs. Any method used to find right persons for right jobs must be trusted, predictable, and dependable. In addition, validity concept of selection process demands that methods used must have some foundation or based on specific truths especially experiences and job specifications. Utility on the other hand refers to usefulness or value obtained from the selection process (Ullah, 2010). Methods of selection on the other hand should have some reasonable quality as dictated by the concept of utility. Selected employees should add value to the organization. A method that selects employees who cannot add value to the organization is an ineffective method. Lastly, selection process must adhere to the legal regulations and provisions of employment such as discrimination and equal employment regulations (Ullah, 2010). Organizations selecting employees should ensure that there are no discriminations and equal employment opportunities.
2. If there were two equally suited candidates for a position, describe how you would approach the selection of one over the other.
Equally suited candidates must be subjected to equal interviews or selection process. One of the easiest and most effective approaches in selecting one of the two equally suited candidates is the thorough analysis and evaluation of experiences and job specifications. There is no doubt that there must be one candidate who is slightly more experienced that the other or has an additional qualification. In the event that they have the same years of experience, academic qualifications, and admirable track or records, the two equally suited candidates should be subjected to various selection processes such as aptitude of panel interview to critically evaluate their uniqueness (Knouse, 2003).
Knouse, S. B. (2003). Employee selection. Personnel Psychology, 56(4), 1078-1081.
Ullah, M. M. (2010). A systematic approach of conducting employee selection interview. International Journal of Business and Management, 5(6), 106-112 Read More
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