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Teamwork Self Assessment Tests - Assignment Example

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The objective of the following assignment "Teamwork Self Assessment Tests" is to provide a sophisticated analysis of the results of the leadership assessment test. Therefore, the writer will reflectively discuss the teamwork effectiveness of a particular group…
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Teamwork Self Assessment Tests
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Extract of sample "Teamwork Self Assessment Tests"

This self-assessment test is used to evaluate the teamwork of my group based on the experiences we have with teams. The evaluation is meant to single out various characteristics of our team with regard to various criteria outline. The measure of the effectiveness is indicated by a given value of cumulative numbers according to the total score of each feature of our group. A continuum is provided at the end of the assessment test with numbers indicating different values that indicate the level of effectiveness. A high count indicates the intensity of effectiveness the teamwork has.
In my team
1. There are a common understanding and commitment to group goals on the part of all team members- mostly true
2. Members support and provide constructive feedback to one another’s ideas- mostly true
3. Members do not feel the pressure to conform to group standards of performance and conduct-mostly false.
4. Dissenting views are accepted and discussed rather than suppressed in favor of consensus.
5. The level of interpersonal interaction among members is high- mostly false.
6. Much of the responsibility and authority for making important decisions are turned over to the team-mostly true.
7. There is an open communication channel for all members to voice their opinions- mostly true.
8. Members are provided with the opportunity for continuous learning and training in appropriate skills- mostly true.
9. Every team member is treated equally- mostly false.
10. Members are more likely to provide backup and support for one another without the team leader’s instruction- mostly true.
11. Rewards and recognition are linked to an individual as well as team results- mostly true.
12. Roles and responsibilities for performing various tasks are clearly established- mostly true.
Mostly true = 7 and mostly false = 5.
Our team has an average efficiency of teamwork (Lussier & Achua, 2010).
This self-assessment test 2 is used to evaluate the atmosphere for creativity. The evaluation is meant to single out various situations in an organization that encourage the employees to be more creative in work. The measure of the environment for creativity shows the level of support the management and organization give the employees for inventiveness and innovation. The test value of cumulative numbers is then compared to the values of the continuum. A continuum is provided at the end of the assessment test with numbers indicating different values that indicate the level of support offered. A high score indicates that the organization is very supportive of the employees’ creativity and innovation.
1. Organizational practices generally encourage creativity- mostly disagree.
2. The reward system has been carefully designed to encourage creativity- mostly agree.
3. People are not restricted by rules and regulations or many layers of approval when they want to try new ideas- mostly disagree.
4. “Doing things the way they have always been done” is not a slogan that applies in this organization- mostly agree.
5. People are able to experiment and dream outside their regular functional area on company time- mostly disagree.
6. The organization’s culture values and appreciates input from members- mostly agree.
7. People feel they have been properly matched with tasks that fit their skills, interest, and experiences- mostly agree.
8. Employees have greater autonomy to think and act freely than they would in another organization- mostly agree.
9. In looking around, it is certain that the work environment has been carefully designed to encourage creativity- mostly disagree.
10. Managerial practices in this organization would lead to the conclusion that creativity and innovation and highly valued at all levels- mostly agree.
Mostly agree =4 Mostly disagree =6
Therefore, our organization has average support for employees’ creativity and innovation. These exercises help the students to relate their work surroundings to the ideas in ways that other people can gain from the experience they have (Lussier & Achua, 2010).
This self-assessment test 3 is used to evaluate the personal traits and teams that can affect the teamwork of an individual. The first personality profile reviewed can be; I enjoy being part of a team and working with others more than working alone. The scales given to this profile could be 1 to 7, with 7 illustrating strongly agreeing to the profile while 1 illustrating strongly disagreeing to the personality profile. The second profile reviewed is, I enjoy accomplishing team goals more than individual accomplishments, given scales from 1 to 7. 7 will illustrate strongly agreeing to this statement while 1 illustrates strongly disagreeing to the same statement. From these two statements, we can deduce that the stronger you agree with them the higher the probability of being a good team player. On the other hand, lower scores do not exactly mean that you are not a good team player. The Big Five personality dimensions and their related motive needs can influence your teamwork. The subsequent note presents some information on the same (Lussier & Achua, 2010).
If an individual has a high need for power whether he is a team player or not, he has to be very careful not to dominate the team. At this point, I am supposed to seek other people’s contribution and distinguish when he is supposed to follow and when to lead. When he has great ideas, a leader should be sensitive to the other people so that they do not feel intimidated but instead remain calm as he influences them. Finally, an individual should not be too quick to give in to the other members of the team. However, if one possesses a low need for affiliation, then he or she should be sensitive to others.
This test will be carried out to establish whether I am more of a transactional or transformation leader. The transformational leader is one who is involved in making positive changes, especially to his or her followers. These leaders are always concerned with the process while helping the members of his or her team succeed. On the other hand, the transactional leader is one who seeks to motivate his or her followers by appealing to their self-interests (Lussier & Achua, 2010).
The following are responses towards questions based on how I will act or acted in a typical work or school situation.
1. Agree – I enjoy change and see myself as a change agent.
2. Disagree- I am better at inspiring employees toward a new future than motivating them to perform their current jobs.
3. Agree - I have/had a vision of how an organization can change for the better.
4. Agree – I see myself as someone who is comfortable encouraging people to express ideas and opinions that differ from my own.
5. Disagree – I enjoy taking risks but am not reckless.
6. Disagree – I enjoy spending time developing new solutions to old problems rather than implementing existing solutions.
7. Agree – I deliberate carefully before acting; I’m not impulsive.
8. Agree - I like to support change initiatives, even when the idea may not work.
9. Agree – I learn from my experience; I don’t repeat the same mistakes.
10. Agree – I believe the effort to change something for the better should be rewarded, even if the final outcome is disappointing.
My total score is: agree = 42 and disagree = 13.
The results show that I am a transformational leader. However, I also possess some characteristics of a transactional leader.
This test is meant to determine the type of leadership I execute. That is the personality, charismatic and transformational leadership. On review of the characteristics of a charismatic leader, I find myself to possess the following traits.
I am active and determined. As a leader, I possess these two valuable traits that give me the strength to keep ongoing. Furthermore, these traits assist me in the pursuit of given goals and working hard to achieve them. In addition, I am a leader who is visionary. This compels me to a sense of purpose and the ability to easily communicate my vision to my followers. Therefore, I can motivate my followers to join in my course to achieve various targets in the organization. Corresponding to the determination I exhibit is confidence. I always believe in myself and others with regard to the vision and mission we are required to accomplish as a fraction of our organization's objectives (Lussier & Achua, 2010).
On self-assessment 1, the results indicated that I was more of a transformational leader other than a transactional leader. As a transformational leader, I have qualities that may influence my transformational leadership styles. This is because some of my personality attributes are consistent with my successful leadership ability. However, personality mostly affects leadership styles and does not essentially determine the leadership style used (Lussier & Achua, 2010). One of my personality traits that affect my leadership style is my ability to overcome conflicts within the working environments. This has a positive effect in that it enables me to serve as a role model to my followers. It also helps in avoiding unpleasant effects that may be caused by extended conflicts. I also possess the ability to cooperate with my followers. This affects my leadership style in that I can easily see, listen and act according to the situation facing our organization and individuals with ease resulting in an ultimate solution. Finally, I have the ability to connect with my followers. This has for a long time enabled me to motivate others to contribute beyond their expectations to the benefit of me as a leader, the followers and the organization as a whole. Read More
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Teamwork Self Assessment Tests Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1645 Words.
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