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The Situation at the Credit Analysis Department of the Bank - Case Study Example

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The writer of this paper discusses the situation at the credit analysis department of the bank. The supervisor of the department and the other department employees refused to cooperate with Emily - new manager of the Credit Analysis Department who does not have the necessary experience to lead them…
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The Situation at the Credit Analysis Department of the Bank
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Extract of sample "The Situation at the Credit Analysis Department of the Bank"

The Situation at the Credit Analysis Department of the Bank
Emily Billings just finished her Masteral Degree in Business Administration. She graduated at the top of her class; thus, was offered by a top bank the position as Manager of the Credit Analysis Department. While pursuing her post graduate studies, Emily worked as a manager in a branch of a convenience store near her school. It is the only work experience she has but the Bank believed that she is very qualified to be the head of their Credit Analysis Department because of her educational background. Emily shared the same sentiment with the bank management. Her subordinates however, think otherwise.
Arthur Craig, the supervisor of the department who worked with the same unit for two years now was disappointed about the bank’s decision to hire someone from outside instead of promoting someone from within the department. Arthur thought all the while that he will be the one appointed. All the other employees in the department were sympathetic to Arthur and believed that he was more qualified than Emily.
This is the situation that Emily has to deal with starting from her first day of office. As days went by, Arthur and the other department employees refused to cooperate with Emily. They did not welcome the changes that Emily introduced in the department. Her subordinates feel that she does not have the necessary experience to lead them. Arthur and the other employees vowed to make life difficult for her.
Questions for Discussion:
1. Do you think that the Bank was justified in hiring Emily as the Manager of the Credit Analysis Department? Why?
2. What steps should Emily take to gain the trust of her subordinates and prove to them that she is worthy of the position?
3. How should the Bank handle the situation at the Credit Analysis Department?
4. Are Arthur and the other employees of the Credit Analysis Department being reasonable in dealing with Emily? Why? Read More
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The Situation at the Credit Analysis Department of the Bank Case Study - 15.
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