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Human Resource Management Autonomy, Data Collection, and Job Descriptions - Research Paper Example

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When properly assigned the desired level of autonomy brings a greater desire of participation, enhancing team collaboration and improved performance. ‘Eempirical evidence shows that participative leadership…
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Human Resource Management Autonomy, Data Collection, and Job Descriptions
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Management Autonomy, Data Collection, and Job Descriptions"

Human Resource Management “Autonomy, Data Collection, and Job s” By 24th April Autonomy & Work Performance Autonomy is a key factor in the performance enhancement process. When properly assigned the desired level of autonomy brings a greater desire of participation, enhancing team collaboration and improved performance. ‘Eempirical evidence shows that participative leadership behavior is associated with increased work outcomes through induced intrinsic motivation and psychological empowerment.’(Huang, Iun, Liu & Gong, 2010) Autonomy and empowerment go hand in hand in improving the self esteem, confidence and dedication of the employee. ‘The satisfaction of the basic psychological needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness, as defined in Self-Determination Theory, has been identified as an important predictor of individuals’ optimal functioning in various life domains.’ (Broeck, Vansteenkiste, Witte, Soenens & Lens, 2010) Thus autonomy yields a positive attitude towards life and work resulting in improved performance and low employee turnover in an organization. According to the latest issue of TIME magazine, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook sets the example of giving autonomy to his team thus motivating them to be more responsible and productive ‘Cook knows that his commitment to excellence is inseparable from the incredible ensemble at Apple.’ (Gore 2012)
Job Analysis Information & Job Description
The collection of job analysis information is done through questionnaires, interviews and observation. These three traditional methods provide detailed information for the job analysis and generate data used to produce the required job description and job specification. The information gathered through questionnaires gives an overview to the job requirements’ thus matching it to the employee’s ability. The interview process gives detailed in-depth information helpful in the formation of job description. The observation method provides chances of any required amendments in the job description based on the personalized analysis of the employee and his ability to perform his tasks. ‘It is important to analyze specific issues for job analysis information.’ (Condrey 2010) In order to understand the specific issues, the methods are also used in combination with each other in order to provide a better platform for structuring the job description for the employees.
Broeck, A., Vansteenkiste, M., Witte, H., Soenens, B., & Lens, W., (2010). Capturing autonomy, competence, and relatedness at work: Construction and initial validation of the work-related basic need satisfaction scale. Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology, 83, 981–1002.
Condery, S., (2010). Handbook of human resource management in government. (p. 588). New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.
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Huang, X., Iun, J., Liu, A., & Gong, Y. (2010). Does participative leadership enhance work performance by inducing empowerment or trust? The differential effects on managerial and non-managerial subordinates. Journal of Organization Behavior, 31, 122–143. Read More
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Human Resource Management Autonomy, Data Collection, and Job Research Paper.
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